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White Papers

Digital Consumer Journey White Paper

Did you know 81% of Americans own a mobile phone? With technology constantly in their pockets and at their fingertips, it’s no wonder the divide between physical and digital experience is quickly shrinking, even for restaurants. This white paper outlines how restaurant operators can tap into this increasingly digital world, and make the most of the digital consumer journey.

When it comes to technology, today’s consumers want it all. But keeping up with the latest developments in mobile, web apps, kiosks, mobile order takers, voice ordering, and more can be daunting—especially when you have a business to run! 

With the right technology and support team in place, however, you can optimize and streamline your operations to offer not just a great experience for guests, but also for your staff. Look for agile tech solutions to keep you on pace with evolving customer expectations and new digital developments. 

Don’t just stop with agility, either. Seek solutions designed for easy scalability so your technology can grow as your business expands. As you unlock digital functionality for your consumers’ experience, you’ll likely see a correlated increase in restaurant demand and profits. Who doesn’t love increased profits?

Of course, you’ll want to back your digital offerings with a sound plan in place. Check out the contents below to see the topics this white paper will explore within the digital consumer journey.


  • Rapidly Evolving Consumer Expectations
  • Implementing Technology to Meet Consumer Demand
  • The Technology Solution Disconnect
  • Enhancing the Consumer Experience with Online Ordering
  • Speeding Up Service with Kiosks
  • Leveraging Apps to Build Loyalty
  • Prioritizing a Solution that Helps You Utilize Your Tech

In this white paper, you’ll see how digital platforms and supportive technology partners can set you apart from the competition and keep you resilient through unexpected changes and challenges in the marketplace.