Revel Data Connector

Revel Data Connector is the way to access Revel point-of-sale (POS) core data using business intelligence (BI) tools to provide visibility and transparency for executives on a corporate level. Revel Data Connector aims to solve descriptive and diagnostic analytics problems and may be used as a foundation for other types of analysis.

Build Custom Reports at Scale

Using business intelligence tools your employees know best, analysts can build custom reports with large amounts of data. Data Connector can access data from all establishments that will give a big picture view of your business and how it is operating.

Visibility and Transparency for Executives

Revel Data Connector is a very flexible solution that provides visibility and transparency for executives. The data has multiple dimensions and metrics that you can work with depending on your goal and allows executives to use this data to make critical business decisions.

Save Large Amounts of Time on Creation of Data Model

Corporate analysts save significant time preparing data for visualizations and analysis. They can build visual dashboards in a business intelligence tool for quick data informed and data driven business decisions. Revel Data Connector removes all the manual work needed to export reports from the Management Console.

Track KPI’s and Forecast Business Performance

Revel Data Connector allows you to forecast the performance of your business based on historical, segmented, cohort, and seasonal data and track KPIs to quickly adjust and optimize restaurant operations and menu. With Revel Data Connector, you will be able to compare product, combo and modifier performance in different establishments and areas you operate as well as identify which sales/distribution channels are the top performing and what the trends are.

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