Professional Services

Our Revel Navigators are the consultant team that carries out professional services within our customer success organization. They leverage a proven approach—our Magellan methodology detailed below—throughout each phase of a customer journey, instilling a personal touch and close partnership to ensure on-going business excellence for the duration of the partnership.

Whether you are preparing to open a new location or are looking for consultation and project management from a team with a proven track record, Revel Navigators are just a phone call away.

Professional Services

Proven Methodology

  • For large and growing brands
  • Maintain brand integrity and continuity

Phased & Team Approach for Flexibility

  • Deep dive into operational needs
  • Project kickoff to alpha/beta sites
  • Deployment planning to scale of rollout

Drive Customer Ownership

  • Deep dive into operational needs
  • Project kickoff to alpha/beta sites
  • Deployment planning to scale of rollout

With over 125 years of collective hospitality industry experience and thousands of locations deployed, our Revel Navigators™ help our clients ensure a Revel cloud-native transactional platform project runs smoothly, efficiently and reduces risks that are common with technology rollouts.

Specialty Retail POS

Magellan Methodology

Ferdinand Magellan was an explorer best known for discovering an interoceanic passage and achieving the first European navigation from the Atlantic Ocean to Asia. Revel Navigators apply that same level of curiosity, discovery, innovation, and efficiency to every project.

Implementation Services

Leveraged at top enterprise brands, including:


Revel Concierge Services with Revel Navigators

Revel Concierge Services are designed to help you get the most out of your Revel point of sale (POS) platform. Revel will match you with industry experts who can optimize and maintain your unique configuration to best serve your business goals.

This approach allows you to outsource your POS administration in a scalable way so you can focus on what you do best: run your business.

Contact us at to learn more about the service option best suited for your business needs.

Specialty Retail POS
Specialty Retail POS

"With Revel’s substantial expertise in the successful deployment of point of sale and complementary solutions, we can help our customers stay on the cutting edge of technology adoption. Through our Concierge Services, our customers can focus on being entrepreneurs and we’ll handle the technology side of their business."

Leslie Leaf,
Revel Systems,
Chief Customer Officer

Revel Systems Custom Training

Part of the Revel Training Series, our team offers two custom training courses if you are interested in empowering your internal teammates to perform the functions of a Revel Services Consultant. If your enterprise is interested in managing configuration changes on an enterprise level, or simply being able to impart knowledge to a franchise base, our team can prepare you to do so with one of the following intensive courses:

Revel Pro

  • Take a deeper dive into POS best practices
  • Ensure your platform is configured for maximum efficiency
  • Uncover avenues to make your POS platform even more effective in handling your business need

Revel Master

  • Get everything from the Revel Pro training, and the following
  • Access additional support training for in-house teammates
  • Develop and empower in-house experts dedicated to POS assistance and troubleshooting

Revel Installation Certification

Revel installation certification prepares businesses to successfully install Revel POS hardware, increasing the reliability of the system and reducing the need for ongoing support. This course will allow you to deploy Revel at your own pace with your own resources while gaining an intimate knowledge of your Revel POS hardware and network.

Specialty Retail POS