Everything you need for your point of sale (POS) hardware

Revel provides an easy, pre-configured POS hardware package designed to offer both quality and reliability. We source and test every product to ensure you have the best point of sale equipment available.

Everything you need for your point of sale (POS) hardware

Hardware Setup with Revel

Pair Revel’s leading software with sleek POS system hardware that provides you the functionality and security your business needs for smooth operations.

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Our Professional Services Team will Set You Up for Success

Once you’ve chosen the right POS hardware for your business needs, let our professional services team help you set it up for an easy launch and optimal functionality. Our expert team will help you with all the necessary steps in onboarding and implementation. That way, you’ll not only have the leading POS technology and excellent hardware to house it; you’ll also have the support you need for peace of mind that everything will run as smoothly as possible.

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