Enterprise Management System (EMS)

Standardize operations across multiple locations and manage your business with Revel’s full enterprise management software suite. Revel’s Enterprise Management System (EMS) allows you to quickly and efficiently control operations across your franchise or business group from one web-based interface in the management console. With EMS you can set up groups of restaurants, centrally control menus, view dashboards with visually presented data, gain real-time insights and provide centralized employee management.

Gain Real-Time Insights Through Core Reporting XT

Core Reporting XT is a key solution within Revel’s native enterprise management system, offering visual data dashboards designed to help you make long-term decisions, track key performance metrics at scale and quickly find areas for improvement.

The dashboards provide an overview of core business performance measurements and ensure you get the most value through data visualization and storytelling.

Access detailed reports for a single location or across multiple locations to answer performance, comparative and trend related questions based on:

  • Order history
  • Sales summary
  • Product mix
  • Labor forecasting
  • And more

Conveniently housed within Revel’s backend EMS, Core Reporting XT reduces the need to export data and makes it easier to do core analytics.

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