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Pizza POS System by Revel

The best POS system for pizza shops, built to offer ingredient-level business insights and streamline your operations on every order

From delivery management and online ordering to ingredient-level insights on your inventory, Revel offers a true pizza POS system, designed specifically with your restaurant needs in mind.

The features highlighted on this page offer key functionality available through Revel’s pizza shop point of sale.

A pioneer of the cloud-native iPad solution, Revel’s platform might just be the best point of sale system for a pizza shop. It is easily scalable, simple and quick to deploy, and updates regularly so you are always using the latest software. You’ll be able to maintain control of your inventory and access critical business reports from anywhere at any time.

All the features you need for pizza shop software

  • Learn From Reporting and Analytics

    Ensure your shop can execute operational changes based on key data from your pizza delivery point of sale. From daily sales reports, to detailed inventory updates, insights into your various revenue streams (like delivery and online ordering), and more, Revel’s platform aggregates the critical data you need to run an efficient, successful operation.

  • Easily Track Employees

    Good POS software can offer you basic tools for employee scheduling, but great pizza restaurant software can help you optimize staff schedules based on order volume, anticipate surges or downtime in demand, and adjust daily and weekly schedules to comply with local workforce regulations.

  • Own Your Delivery Experience

    With Delivery XT, Revel's native solution for end-to-end delivery management, you maintain ownership of your profits and the guest experience on every order. Get features like SMS order updates for your customers, real-time driver tracking, in-depth order insights and more with this leading solution for your pizza delivery point of sale.

  • Customize Your Menu

    Pizza is a highly-customizable dish by nature. With Revel, you can easily modify your menu and make sure your offerings meet the needs and whims of your patrons. With the click of a button, modify your menu at one or multiple locations, all while ensuring you have the ingredients on hand to make tailored pies possible.

  • Sell Online

    Explore all the ways you can reach your customers with Revel’s pizza POS online ordering solution. A longtime staple for a point of sale system for a pizza shop, an online ordering option allows you to expand your footprint beyond the walls of your building. Access new customers and give loyal customers the convenience to order from home with a fully-integrated solution.

  • Inventory Management

    A true pizza system needs ingredient-level inventory insights. Period. Having the right ingredients in the right quantities at the right times is essential in wowing your customers with an exceptional experience. Make sure you always have what you need on hand, or quickly see when it’s time to offer a special on ingredients you need to move.

Pizza Patrón

Revel’s enterprise platform is a great fit for our franchise system. At nearly 100 locations and growing, we have real-time access to analytical data that helps us make smarter decisions every day.

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Take advantage of Revel’s services

At Revel we believe our team is one of our biggest differentiators. We work tirelessly to ensure you have the best pizza POS system possible so you can focus on running the best business possible. From implementation and setup, to quick service calls, to detailed optimization of your platform, our team is here to work with you every step of the way.

  • Concierge Services

    As you balance all the details required to run your business smoothly, we understand that sometimes POS administration is the last thing on your mind. With Revel Concierge Services, you can outsource this task for white glove service from our team, freeing your time and attention for other pressing tasks.

  • Account Management

    With Revel’s account management service, our seasoned professionals work hand-in-hand with you to help you fully utilize your pizza POS platform. This service provides you with dedicated support and Revel team members who intimately understand your retail operations.

  • 24/7 Support

    Today’s point of sale systems are the heartbeat of your business operations. Whether you have a question about your POS, need to hop on a quick call to troubleshoot an issue, or are looking for ways to further optimize your platform, Revel offers 24/7 support 365 days a year.

Hardware solutions for your Pizza POS

  • Kitchen Display System

    Improve your speed of service, order accuracy, and kitchen efficiency all through one tool: a kitchen display system (KDS). When integrated directly with your point of sale, a KDS updates orders (and modifications) in real time for your kitchen staff.

  • Portable Ordering Device Enclosures

    If linebusting is a priority for your business, protect your iPads and equip your staff with a handheld enclosure that includes card swiping functionality. You’ll be able to move customers through lines even faster with mobile terminals ready to accept payments on the spot.

Everything you need for a complete iPad point of sale system

Revel provides an easy, pre-configured package that’s selected based on quality and reliability. We source and test every product to ensure you have the best POS system out there.

Leverage the most versatile solution in the market today

Revel Systems' feature-rich POS platform integrates seamlessly into a host of Revel developed additional services and third party partners in order to fit the needs of your business. From accounting and eCommerce to CRM and workforce management, Revel offers the tools you need and the partnership integrations you desire to run the business you want.