Customer Display System XT

Enhance the customer experience through order accuracy and speed of service while increasing the amount of each sale with Revel’s POS customer display screen.

An Additional Branding Touchpoint for Your Business

With a POS customer display system, you get simplified configuration with the Revel branding tool—a powerful, customer-facing tool designed to increase brand loyalty and revenue for your business. The tool’s ability to save and store multiple skins makes it easier to update recurring promotions, holiday specials, and general messaging.

Increase Brand Loyalty and Revenues with Customer Display Software

Built-in account creation for Revel loyalty programs and returning customers gives your patrons the option to view their Revel loyalty points accrual and redemption options at the POS with a customer display. 

Increase consumer trust as well with a customer display system that allows your guests to view (and check) their order information in real-time. Also, patrons can easily sign up for a loyalty program directly from the customer-facing display, so you can encourage repeat visits and more purchases with your business.

Improve the Experience for Employees, Too

Training a new cashier? No problem!  With a customer display system, you can add messaging (like an invitation to round up for a charitable cause, for example) directly to your on-screen prompts, removing the messaging burden from your team members as they learn the ropes.

Features like on-screen tipping also share the love with your employees. A customer display for a POS system allows you to leverage tipping thresholds by the percentage of sales or fixed dollar amounts.

Stay in Constant Contact with Your Customers

Not only does the POS customer display screen improve transparency in-store through every transaction, but it also helps you stay connected after your patrons leave the building with directly-integrated customer relationship management (CRM). Keep your customers coming back for more with specials on their favorite items and regular updates on your ongoing promotions.

Enhance Your On-Site Experience with a Sleek Look and Feel

With a customer-facing display, POS systems benefit from a crisp and fresh user interface that allows you to incorporate your brand elements—from the color palette to promotional messages—throughout every screen. Ensure your guests enjoy a heightened brand experience during every visit with the customizations available in this solution.

A Ready Option for Your Customers

With CDS XT, you can provide an engaging interface to represent your branding and better engage your consumers. This is a perfect platform for marketing and upsell opportunities, as well as faster speed of service, resulting in happy, repeat consumers and more profits for your business. 

Furthermore, CDS XT facilitates loyalty programs that give you valuable consumer insights to help inform and refine your marketing efforts. Get a free demo today!


“The CDS works flawlessly, is interactive, and customers enjoy using it.”

Gregoire Jacquet,
Chef and Owner,

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