Customer Success Management

Leverage Revel’s customer success management services to map out strategic plans and priorities for your POS platform as it aligns with your broader business objectives.

Your dedicated customer success manager is your partner in helping you:

  • Fully utilize your platform
  • Benefit from an in-house Revel advocate for your brand
  • Help you with faster resolutions to your POS questions
  • Keep you on track to achieve your goals

Customized Success Plan & Playbook Framework

Revel's customer success management team will work with you to create a tailored roadmap to identify key business objectives and the best route to achieve them.

A Dedicated Advocate

Let one of our seasoned professionals be your voice on the inside to collect and gather feedback on how Revel can bring even more value to your business.

Return on Investment Maximization

Your customer success manager works one-on-one to ensure that system adoption and utilization is maximized, help you better understand data insights, and avoid common errors.

More About Customer Success Management

Customer success managers provide custom insights to assist you in making the most valuable decisions to grow your business through utilization of all available features and integrations.

Services include:

  • Dedicated email and phone availability
  • Best practice and optimization guidance
  • Access to educational materials
  • Consideration for feature pilot programs and testing
  • Streamlined engagement with Revel for on-going software education and upgrades

“We’ve had an excellent time so far working with Revel and its representatives.”

Revel Systems Table Service Restaurant and Winery Client

Ready for Customer Success Management?

Keep your systems running smoothly with a Revel customer success manager. Our team can help you with your POS technology so you can focus on driving the best possible customer experience.