With Revel, Use the Payments Processor of Your Choice

Why Limit Your Payments Solutions When You Can Have Payment Flexibility?

Our Revel team understands that “one size fits all” isn’t a realistic strategy. So why would we take that approach with payments? To help businesses manage their finances as effectively as possible, Revel Systems offers flexible payment options that allow operators to proceed with the structure (and rates!) that best fit their needs.

Your Payments Solutions

How Revel Provides Flexible Payments:

Revel Advantage

Revel Advantage is our in-house payment processing solution offering industry-low rates and a seamless blend between your payments solution and your point of sale. With fully integrated hardware, software and credit card processing, Revel Advantage saves you time and money.

Additional features include a portal nested within your Revel management console so that all of the digital resources you need for critical business decisions are conveniently in one central location, as well as dedicated support for your payments questions.

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Best-of-Breed Integrations

As we mentioned above, while there are many benefits to a one-stop shop for your business operations, we also understand that brands have differing needs for their tech stack.

Revel gives you the ultimate flexibility in choosing the best payment processor for your business. No matter which solution you choose, our available integrations allow your staff to split bills, offer the latest in payment security, and accept a variety of payment types, from mobile payments to EMV chipped cards and more.

So, How Will Your Payments Take Shape?

Overall, Revel Systems offers a variety of flexible payment options to help businesses manage their cash flow, credit card processing, and invest in the technology they need to succeed. Whether you prefer our native solution or a tested and trusted integration, our team has a payment solution that can work for you.

How Will Your Payments Take Shape