Kitchen Display System & Management

Streamline your operational processes with a kitchen management system that connects directly to your point of sale and will stay up and running in offline mode. Revel’s kitchen display system will increase kitchen efficiency, increase throughput, and allow you to track all your data to better your overall kitchen operations.

Easily Manage Orders on a Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Eliminate the waste, cost and hassle of paper tickets and automate all orders as they come in from different ordering channels on a kitchen display system. Your staff will be able to manage orders more efficiently and remove any gaps with automatic syncing between your kitchen display and point of sale.

Order Views on the KDS Screen

The order views functionality on the kitchen display screen is an essential feature that allows your kitchen staff to receive and monitor pending food orders from the front of the house. This can be customized to fit what is best for your restaurant operations. Filter and categorize orders based on their status for easy prioritization and manage orders more efficiently with a restaurant kitchen management system. Even better, orders are sent directly to the relevant kitchen prep station and can have timers on tickets, so customers are never waiting too long on an order.

Intelligent Reporting On a KDS System for Restaurants

Utilize kitchen inventory software and intelligent reports when making decisions for your kitchen. Ingredient-level reporting provides insights to aid in inventory purchases and menu changes. Kitchen display systems can help you manage your restaurant’s capacity. Using data derived from your KDS and kitchen inventory system, you can check the average time your restaurant delivers food orders and improve forecasting capabilities to keep your kitchen prepared and stocked even at your busiest hours.

Order Ready Kitchen Display

Use order ready screens to show diners the status of their orders. Set customer expectations and ease tensions with a public-facing display that color codes and easily organizes order information, helping customers and delivery drivers alike quickly identify the status of their available orders for pickup. Integrated with Revel’s kitchen monitor and various ordering channels, this is an easy way to ensure customers get their orders quickly, easily, and accurately.

Heat-Resistant KDS Kitchen Hardware

A Revel POS integrates seamlessly with a number of kitchen printers to ensure your back-of-house runs like clockwork. This includes impact printers, designed specifically to handle the heat of the kitchen.

“It starts with how we put in our orders, it’s the only way we can really manage the business. And the data is very, very clean with Revel, with our POS. It really helps us manage the business and keep track of the different ways we feed people on a daily basis.”

Maxwell Cohen,
Proposition Kitchen

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