Revel’s Cloud Platform Leads the Charge for Restaurant POS Systems

Learn why Revel’s platform is the best POS for restaurants, built to simplify operations and delight your customers

The market for restaurant point of sale systems is increasingly crowded. We get it—it’s no simple task to look for the iPad POS system restaurants need in order to thrive!

As you consider the capabilities your ideal restaurant POS will offer for front-of-house and back-of-house operations, we’ll highlight some critical features in Revel’s full-service point of sale.

A pioneer of the cloud iPad POS, Revel’s platform is easily scalable, simple, quick to deploy, and updated regularly so you always use the latest software. You’ll be able to maintain control of your menus and access critical business reports from anywhere at any time.

Accelerate Your Restaurant With a Powerful Restaurant POS System

Tableside ordering

Elevate your restaurant point of sale with mobile order takers for tableside ordering. You’ll improve order accuracy and support immediate syncing between table orders and your kitchen display system. Your kitchen staff will be able to fire each order without delay, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and reduced food waste.

Floor plan and table management

With Revel’s restaurant POS software, you can lay out your entire dining room, easily move parties around, and effortlessly manage multiple sections. Use insights from this feature to identify high-volume and slow-turning tables. You can adjust your staff training and scheduling for even better service (and profits) based on data-backed information.

POS Restaurant Hardware

iPad stands

Your iPad restaurant POS should be as attractive as it is secure. That’s why our POS stands balance durability with a polished design. Whether you’re after a stand that can boast a customer-facing display or a lower-profile option for an upscale dining experience, we’ve got what you need.

Portable ordering device enclosures

If tableside ordering is a priority for your restaurant, protect your iPads and equip your servers with a handheld enclosure that includes card-swiping functionality. You’ll be able to turn tables even faster with mobile terminals ready to accept payments on location.

POS Restaurant Software

Employee management and scheduling

Often the point of sale is considered a front-of-house solution, but the POS is also a valuable addition to your restaurant management software and is able to help with administrative tasks, like employee management and scheduling. Talk with one of our representatives to learn how top restaurant POS systems offer these back-of-house management features.

Grow your restaurant with increased sales

Top restaurant POS systems have various features designed to increase your profitability. Equip your staff with digital menus to help them upsell with visual menus and automated prompts for modifiers. You can also reward your loyal customers with an integrated loyalty program, enticing them to return for more.

POS Restaurant Payments

Flexible payment options

Flexible payments are an ideal component of your restaurant point of sale software for several reasons. Payment options are convenient for your customers, allowing them to pay as they choose. Revel Systems accepts a wide variety of payments such as credit, debit, mobile pay, gift cards, QR code payments, and more.

Revel Advantage

Explore Revel Advantage, our in-house payment processing solution, for a seamless payment experience for you and your customers. You’ll enjoy industry-low rates and all the latest in payment flexibility. With a comprehensive solution that includes your POS and payments with integrated software, hardware, and credit card processing, you’ll save time and money so you can focus on your business. Even better, Revel Advantage is an EMV-ready solution that protects your business and customers by creating a unique code for every transaction and is virtually impossible to counterfeit.