Unlock A Unified Solution for Multi-Location Management With Revel Systems

Manage Multiple Locations With Ease From Anywhere

Your technology should ensure your brand’s resilience to marketplace changes. With Revel’s cloud POS platform, you can join leading brands utilizing the most flexible option for meeting customer demands, adapting to market changes, expanding your reach, and importantly, driving profits. Mix-and-match solutions with your business in mind, on the most flexible, secure and reliable cloud platform for multi-location chains.

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Multi-Location Management With Revel Systems

One Source. All Channels.

With Revel’s cloud-based POS platform, managing and organizing your order channel data for multiple locations is easier than ever. Whether you need to push a new menu item to several store locations and their third-party integrations for online ordering and delivery, or you’re simply looking for actionable business insights on your most profitable revenue streams, we’ve got you covered.

One Source. All Channels.

Untether Your Technology

Mobility has been an undisputed game-changer in the way we live our lives, including the way we conduct business.

At Revel, we understand you need to check on your multi-location business whether you’re at home or on-the-go at any time. Our cloud POS system helps you standardize (or customize) your operations from a cloud-enabled portal.

This approach offers you the insights and management controls you need to make critical updates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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One Source. All Channels.

A Committed, Lasting Partner For Your Brand

In addition to our reliable infrastructure, we understand it takes a village to deftly run a multi-site brand, so we go one step further with a commitment to partner with you at the level that makes the most sense for your needs.

From assistance with project management for on-boarding and rollouts to on-going customer success management, our team succeeds when you do, and we’re here to assist you in your journey.

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One Source. All Channels.

An Efficient Solution For Every Challenge

Your business is complex, but navigating your technology doesn’t have to be! Housed on the familiar interface of the iPad, our cloud POS software is easy for on-site operators and corporate decision makers alike. Leverage our solutions for applied intelligence to optimize timing at different customer interactions within your sales process, forecast significant business changes for your operational flow, and sell smarter with data-backed improvements.

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An Efficient Solution For Every Challenge

Always On. Seriously.

When it comes to operating a business of any size, reliability is a must. And when it comes to running a multi-location enterprise, the importance of reliable systems increases exponentially.

Backed by the cloud, Revel’s platform is secure and accessible at all times. Even in the event of an Internet outage, we have redundancies in place to ensure you never miss a sale, and that your reporting doesn’t, either.

Always On. Seriously.

Trusted by leading brands

“The POS is truly the nucleus and the way POS is evolving is that it's less about the terminal, and more about the back end, right? How powerful that back end is, how easy it is to plug something else in it and transfer data back and forth between the system.”

—Leon Davoyan, CTO

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“When I joined the company in 2019 the average unit volume was $1.5 million. We’re approaching $1.9 million today. And technology has been a huge part of the reason why.” 

—Paul Macaluso, CEO

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“When we were considering Revel, we saw it as the most compatible POS system for The Halal Guys because it supported franchisees, team members and loyal customers.” 

—Margaret Carrera, Chief Development Officer

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“Revel is a partner, not just a vendor. They proved from early in our relationship that they were willing to work with us to give us specific features that we needed. They are looking out for our best interests, identifying things to improve on before we do.”

—James Newell, Director of Construction and Purchasing

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