Coffee Shop POS System by Revel

The best POS system for cafés, built to maximize ease-of-use, convenience, and operational speed

It’s no wonder cafés are coveted institutions, what with their variety of caffeinated beverages and cozy environments to meet or work. But anyone with café experience knows that—with low average price points on each transaction—coffee is typically only big business when service is fast and lines are moving.

You’ll want a coffee shop POS system that can do just that.

As the pioneer of the cloud-based iPad POS, Revel’s platform is the longest standing coffee shop ePOS. No other cloud solution has our years of experience or refinement in servicing cafés like yours. If you’re in the market for a solution designed to increase your hourly sales, quickly onboard new employees, and encourage repeat customers, look no further than Revel.

Top Features for Your Coffee Shop POS

Increase Sales by the Hour

Housed on the familiar interface of the leading tablet in the market—Apple’s iPad—Revel’s software is intuitive for your employees and customers alike. Get your team members trained in a matter of minutes, and move lines quickly to delight customers while maximizing your profits. During peak hours, bust lines with Revel’s mobile order takers.

Enjoy a User-Friendly Platform

You’ll want a café POS that can keep up with the morning rush, helping your team deftly handle orders, no matter how complex, with ease and efficiency. With Revel, you’ll enjoy a platform that is not just easy to use, but also easy to teach. It’s clean interface simplifies each order, helping to increase order accuracy and service speed. Get the best cash register for coffee shops: Revel.

Bring in More Tips with a Customer Display System (CDS)

Increase order accuracy, tips for your employees, and trust with your customers with a customer display system (CDS). A key feature for any coffee shop register, a CDS gives your customers visibility into their order in real time.

Create a Loyalty Program that ‘Wows’

The best POS for coffee shops will offer a variety of options for loyalty programs—including native options and third-party integrations—so you can build the exact rewards system you desire. Implement a loyalty program on par with competing coffee giants so you can deliver on a tailored experience that entices your customers to return time after time.

Stay on Top of Inventory Management

A true café POS system needs ingredient-level inventory insights. Period. Having the right ingredients in the right quantities at the right times is essential in wowing your customers with an exceptional experience. Make sure you always have what you need on hand.

Have a Convenient & Compact Coffee Shop POS

With Revel, you can pair great coffee shop software with a low-profile POS terminal. And because our platform is cloud-based, you can make iOS updates or check critical sales data from anywhere, at any time. Enjoy ultimate convenience and control of your operations with the best cash register for coffee shops.

Gravity Coffee

"It all begins and ends with the order system. Being able to do that seamlessly and having it be a quick transaction is really important. Another must-have feature for a coffee shop really comes down to reporting. I feel Revel does a really great job—not just on the reporting side—but having an API so that you can pull other reports."

Mike Spence,
Chief Technology Officer and Executive Director of Store Operations,
Gravity Coffee

Take Advantage of Revel’s Services

At Revel we believe our team is one of our biggest differentiators. We work tirelessly to ensure you have the café restaurant software you need so you can focus on running the best business possible. From implementation and setup, to quick service calls, to detailed optimization of your platform, our team is here to work with you every step of the way.


Concierge Services

As you balance all the details required to run your business smoothly, we understand that sometimes POS administration is the last thing on your mind. With Revel Concierge Services, you can outsource this task for white glove service from our team, freeing your time and attention for other pressing tasks.


Account Management

With Revel’s account management service, our seasoned professionals work as advocates for you to help you fully utilize your pizza POS platform. This service provides you with dedicated support and Revel team members who intimately understand your operations.


24/7 Support

Today’s point of sale systems are the heartbeat of your business operations. Whether you have a question about your POS, need to hop on a quick call to troubleshoot an issue, or are looking for ways to further optimize your platform, Revel offers 24/7 support 365 days a year.


Everything You Need for a Complete iPad Point of Sale System

Revel provides an easy, pre-configured package that’s selected based on quality and reliability. We source and test every product to ensure you have the best POS system out there.

POS Hardware

Leverage the Most Versatile Solution in the Market Today

Revel Systems' feature-rich POS platform integrates seamlessly into a host of Revel developed additional services and third party partners in order to fit the needs of your business. From accounting and eCommerce to CRM and workforce management, Revel offers the tools you need and the partnership integrations you desire to run the business you want.

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