Revel SmartOrder

With operational efficiency, customer convenience and profit optimization in mind, Revel SmartOrder™ is a solution that allows your customers to quickly order and pay for their meals from their own mobile devices. Easily track guest data, increase average check size, reduce labor costs and provide safe, low contact ordering with Revel SmartOrder.

Simplify the Order and Pay Experience

Revel SmartOrder only requires a few simple steps to order and pay, all possible from a diner’s mobile devices

  1. Guests will scan a QR code that will lead them to an opened browser with the establishment menu shown
  2. Customers can then add the products they want to order
  3. Guests will then checkout and pay directly from their mobile device

Offset Labor Challenges

Simplify your operations and free up your staff to focus on more service-oriented tasks. Revel SmartOrder eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication between servers and customers. This allows you to eliminate long lines and serve more guests with fewer staff. Not to mention, this reduces labor costs all while increasing check size with each order.

Increase Revenue and Check Size

Early adopters of Revel SmartOrder saw up to a 27 percent increase in average check size. This modern dining experience makes it easy for you to update your digital, custom menu on the fly, which allows you to test new pricing without wasting time or money printing new menus. Revel SmartOrder also helps reduce voids or comps because guests can easily submit their own order from their mobile device, minimizing the chance of order entry error.

Multiple Payment Forms Accepted

Convenience is key when it comes to using Revel SmartOrder. At checkout, this solution accepts all forms of payment, from credit cards to gift cards to Apple Pay. Guests can pay in under 10 seconds.

Options for Digital Tipping

Revel SmartOrder gives you flexibility when it comes to tips. This solution has mobile prompts for tips, including suggested tip amounts. For suggested tips, you can set different percentages in your prompts for consumers. To keep the order and pay experience contactless from start to finish, a digital receipt will be routed after the tip is chosen and checkout is complete.

Direct Integration with Other POS Tech Solutions

Integrated with Revel’s online ordering solution, Online Ordering XT, Revel SmartOrder uses the same easy and intuitive user interface. As with online ordering, Revel SmartOrder is integrated with the POS and KDS. Your inventory will be tracked as usual, so consumers won’t be able to order items that are out of stock. Additionally, the integration with our kitchen display system ensures orders can get started right away.

Revel SmartOrder has been used by merchants in various businesses including coffee houses, cafés, and pizzerias, increasing bill sizes and saving on labor costs everywhere it was adopted. With a full-service order-and-pay flow that helps your business streamline the dining experience, Revel SmartOrder can transform your business and increase accessibility for your customers.

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