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In conjunction with IDC—a premier global provider of market intelligence for IT, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets—this white paper details the key role Apple’s hardware and iOS operating system have played in Revel implementations across FAT Brands franchises to date. Notable features of an Apple iPad-backed POS platform include: Durability...
This white paper explores the evolution of online ordering, a transformation most recently impacted by COVID-19. It also compares native solutions and third-party aggregators.
With the right technology, you can optimize and streamline your operations to offer a great guest experience. Agile tech solutions will keep you on pace with evolving customer expectations.
This guide details essential features to look for when selecting your restaurant POS platform, including the functionality, features, and scalability you'll need to grow your operations.
As the expectations of a POS platform have changed, restaurants and retailers are in the process of migrating from legacy systems to modern, cloud- based solutions. Learn more.
A point of sale (POS) platform handles everything from sales transactions to business insights. Use this guide to determine the best platform for your business needs.
From ordering the right amount of inventory to understanding who your loyal customers are, learn how you can use POS reporting features to better understand your business.
Curious what steps can your shop take to stay competitive and stand out? It’s a question many independent coffee shops think about. Check out the tips we compiled to help you.
From subtle nuances to obvious differences, each generation has its own buying habits that set them apart from one another. It’s important to recognize and cater to the needs of the generation(s) of your customer base.
Leveraging the technology that is now engrained in consumers lives has the ability to simplify, streamline, and even add a little wow to the customer experience. Take a look at five technologies driving enhanced diner experiences.
Data is becoming an increasingly central aspect of the decision making process. Providing quantitative reasoning, data empowers businesses to make smarter decisions.
Data is becoming an increasingly central aspect of the decision making process. Providing quantitative reasoning, data empowers businesses to make smarter decisions.
Whether a longstanding staple in your community or an up-and-coming bake shop, if you are looking to draw in more customers, improve operational efficiencies, and see growth that exceeds that of the industry, take a look at Revel’s bakery guide.
It’s no secret that breweries have gained popularity over the last few years in small towns and big cities alike! In fact, today there are 5,300 breweries in the U.S.—more than the historic high of 4,131 breweries in 1873, according to the Brewers Association.
Congratulations; you’re attending an industry conference! Whether this is your first conference or fiftieth, and whether it’s a local show in your hometown or a national conference across the country, there are a number of strategies and techniques to make sure you make the most out of the money and time you’re spending on attendance.
Revel’s Guide to Pizza will take you through an analysis of pizza business tactics, practical suggestions, and a look at the hottest trends in the industry.
Did you know millennials are now the largest group within the workforce? With that comes a huge spending power! And with that spending power has come a culture and lifestyle that includes dining out.
Whether you’re looking to clear slow-moving inventory, overcome a seasonal downturn, or have your biggest revenue day on record, discounts and promotions can drive your business metrics.
Take a look at these best practices to implement an inventory management system within your business.
If your business is relying on manual inventory management or not fully utilizing the tools you have, you’ve likely run into issues like running out of stock or being overstocked.
Credit card processing is undoubtedly one of the most confusing parts of owning a business. Choosing your credit card processor is a decision that has big implications on your business, so it is important to be well versed in credit card processing.
Offering Gift Cards for your business turns your loyal customers into brand ambassadors and introduces your brand to new customers.
So you’ve perfected your menu, chosen the best ingredients and are confident that customers are going to love what you have to offer them.  What’s next?
Hacking is a fact of life. Some hack for fame, others for profit. In 2013 a group of hackers created and sold tends of thousand of dollars in gift cards after hacking Subway’s point of sale. The 2013 "Holiday Hackers" have stolen data from 110 million innocent consumers and counting, damaging the reputation and bottom line of major retailers such as Target and Neiman Marcus, as well as credit card providers like JPMorgan.
A well-deployed loyalty program will help drive customer satisfaction and customer relationships as well as help increase revenue for merchants. This guide will help you!
Managing a multi-location business has many moving parts. To easily and effectively manage your growing business, start with selecting the right tools, including the best POS platform.
This kiosk guide explores how adding a self-service kiosk in your establishment provides your customers the flexibility to place orders and purchase items on their terms.
The goal of this white paper is to understand the differences in long term expenses between Revel Systems Point of Sale (POS) and legacy Point of Sale. If only a few decades ago, the point of sale was simply a cash register for many businesses around the world, it has...
This guide highlights ten reasons why Revel's cloud-based POS platform is the best for growing businesses interested in both robust functionality and low total cost of ownership.
Revel makes it easy for you to connect your hungry customers to online ordering for your establishments. Check out this online ordering best practices guide for tips on getting started!