Revel has helped me better manage my time and made me more efficient, because the Management Console lets me control my critical operations from anywhere. I don’t have to stress about not being able to take action until I’m back in the office.
- Cary Kelly, Owner, The Cookery, Arlington, VA
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About The Cookery

The Cookery opened in 2011 with one goal: to share the love of good food. Since that time, the Virginia-based boutique has grown to three locations offering a variety of high-quality kitchen accessories, specialty foods and ingredients, and events and demos to educate new and existing customers about its wide variety of unique products. As The Cookery continued to grow, owner Cary Kelly struggled through two POS systems, which kept getting in the way of business. That was until she found Revel Systems.

The Revel Solution

"Whether I’m transferring a product, receiving inventory, or damaging something out, Inventory Management is really quick and efficient for me. I love the number of actions I can easily access to manage my inventory."

"The customer service is downright phenomenal. The support team is savvy and acts quickly. Everyone that I’ve worked with at Revel is committed to help. It’s like a personal challenge that they will stay on the issue until it’s solved. I really appreciate that."

Why Revel

For Cary Kelly, Revel is an important part of her business, because it doesn’t get in the way of her business like some of her previous POS systems had. Technology shouldn’t be a frustrating burden that you have to manage. “Revel Systems has always performed the way that it’s supposed to. If we do have an occasional issue, I have complete confidence that it’s going to be solved efficiently and as quickly as it can be.” Managing three stores, Kelly might be spread a little thin, but she’s found that thanks to Revel, she’s had more peace of mind than ever. “I can access the Management Console easily from anywhere. Even if I’m on vacation, if I want to review operational data or check on a purchase order, I can do that easily. I really value that about Revel.”

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