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Kung Fu Tea

About Kung Fu Tea

Today, Kung Fu Tea is America’s largest bubble tea chain and is on a mission to elevate the world of made-to-order beverages. With over 350 locations in the U.S.—and over 67 stores in build out as of September, 2022—the innovative beverage brand is showing no signs of slowing down. Fortunately, placing technology—and quality ingredients—at the center of their operations has enabled this quick-service beverage franchise to scale, all while remaining authentic to their roots.

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Read how a best-in-class mobile app, built-in customer convenience through in-store self-service kiosks, and much more factor into the reasons bubble tea lovers flock to Kung Fu Tea locations.

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Check out how self-service kiosks help increase operational efficiencies across the board.

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Watch how Kung Fu Tea leverages technology to fuel its growth in our recent webinar featuring the brand.

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