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Tea Talk Cafe

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Quick Service


Poughkeepsie, New York

About Tea Talk Cafe

Jenna McCarthy is the owner of Tea Talk, a bustling tea shop in Upstate New York. With two locations, Tea Talk offers over a hundred premium teas. The inspiration behind Tea Talk came from McCarthy’s mother, who had always dreamed of having a tea house. McCarthy grew up learning to serve tea to her mother’s guests and the tradition stuck with her. When McCarthy’s mother passed away, she and her husband decided to open a tea house in her mother’s memory, and fortunately for McCarthy, Tea Talk is unique among cafes in the Hudson Valley. Tea Talk now uses Revel Point of Sale and so should you.

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The Revel Solution

“I don’t like manual work and wanted to streamline the inventory process. ShopKeep wasn't really giving me that overall integration that Revel delivers on.”

“With my old Shopkeep POS, I wouldn’t get a response until the next day or a week later; and sometimes I would even get charged. But every time I call or email Revel, they respond very quickly and help find a solution.”

loose tea
Revel has a lot of goodies that no other system can match - it’s easy.
- Jenna McCarthy, Owner, Tea Talk Cafe, Poughkeepsie, New York