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The guys behind Social Summer Kitchen restaurant group know a thing or two about throwing a party. Alexander and his business partner first started in business together in the event industry, and realized Singapore needed a restaurant where friends could gather, share a meal, and have a drink. From that came Don Ho, an intimate restaurant, which celebrates shared dining and fresh tropical cocktail creations. Additionally, they run Loloku, a modern quick service poke restaurant.

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The Revel Challenge

Quick Training

It is easy to onboard and train new employees with Revel. Even part time employees are up and running quickly.

Reporting Insights Easily

Alexander relies on sales reporting to update their menu and understand the sales of both their quick service and table service concepts.

The Revel Solution

“You can actually break it down to items, so you can see, "Okay, which items were the best sellers? What sold? What didn't sell?" And then we can just like analyze it, you see the voids, you can ask, "What's wrong?" You can just like have an insight, even if you have not been into the restaurant, you can kind of see what was happening, and then like discuss with your staff by looking at the numbers.”

It’s always a nice surprise each morning, to see how and where your numbers are with Revel reporting.
Alexander Linnerth, Summer Social Kitchen

Why Revel

“We chose Revel because my business partner is using it for another business, he's running a restaurant chain with 5 locations in Singapore, and he was super happy with how everything went, so he said, 'Okay, let's implement it as well in our new restaurant.'"