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Proposition Chicken

Business Type:

Quick Service


Bay Area, California

About Proposition Chicken

Taking its namesake and branding from the California ballot propositions, Proposition Chicken brings chicken three ways to the people of San Francisco and Oakland in a casual, comfortable setting that lets diners pick and create the perfect chicken dish.

The Revel Solution

For Proposition Chicken, a fast-casual concept that feeds 500 or 600 people a day, the brand needed a solution that would be able to keep up with the large volume of orders and help simplify backend and reporting management.

“It starts with how we put in our orders, it’s the only way we can really manage the business. And the data is very, very clean with Revel, with our POS. It really helps us manage the business and keep track of the different way we feed people on a daily basis,” said Proposition Chicken owner-operator Maxwell Cohen.

Proposition Chicken
It's very very helpful having access to the backend at any moment and seeing exactly what the restaurants are doing at any moment.
Maxwell Cohen, Owner and Operator, Proposition Chicken