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Patty’s Cakes and Desserts


For seven years Patty sold cakes and desserts out of her home, and what was once a hobby, has now become a bustling bakery satiating the sweet tooth of Southern California. From award-winning wedding cakes to freshly frosted cupcakes and cake balls, Patty's Cakes and Desserts has cemented themselves as one of the best bakeries in Orange County. Patty and her middle son, Phillip, co-own the business and turned to Revel to help manage their growing bakery.

The Revel Challenge

Menu Customization

There is a lot of variability in cakes and Phillip needed a system that could support the robust flavors and options they provide for their customers.

Speed of Service

With Revel, the staff can enter in orders quickly, efficiently, make on the fly menu changes, and send these directly to the kitchen, helping maintain their fresh to order policy.

Pattys Cakes

The Revel Solution

Phillip and Patty partnered with Revel to modernize their bakery and gain insight into what is really driving business, and where they can remediate. Phillip says that because of Revel "we can really know for sure what is selling." He goes on to add, "We can make sure we have enough material in stock, we can make sure that the favorite flavors are going to be readily available for all the customers."

With customized orders being such a huge part of their revenue, it was important that they could track and streamline this revenue stream. "With Revel's ability to allow me to customize so deeply, it's made our lives easier once we get all the details and put it into the system, which ultimately means more money and that's what I like about it," said Phillip.

Revel has really impacted my business to make things easier, to allow me to be more comfortable with the day-to-day and just focus on the core business.
Phillip Gomez, Co-Owner, Patty's Cakes and Desserts

Why Revel

After three years with Revel, Patty and Phillip can sleep well knowing that at any moment they can check their numbers and make informed data-driven business decisions. With 52 flavors of cupcakes, 90 customers coming through their doors daily, and a reputation for fresh and delicious cupcakes to uphold – streamlining their operations is critical. "It's [Revel] really made our lives easier when working with customers. It saved us a lot of time, which means we can take on more orders, more orders mean more money, and ultimately it's a much more optimized way of running our business, which as a business owner, optimization is always something that we're looking for to keep things moving smoothly," said Phillip.