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Octopus Restaurant Group

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Los Angeles


7 concepts, 22 locations

About Octopus Restaurant Group

Octopus Restaurant Group manages a collection of 22 restaurants and 7 different concepts spread across the western U.S. The management team behind Octopus Group and its many concepts chose Revel Systems as a point of sale (POS) solution that could support the unique needs of a dynamic concept laboratory while still supporting a robust, more traditional, multi-location restaurant business.

iPad POS | Octopus Restaurant Group

The Revel Solution

Speed of service is the consistent imperative across Octopus Group’s many concepts and the Revel Enterprise POS system is designed for ease of use and fast order processing. At the table service concept Gen Korean BBQ, for example, general manager Moon Rhee notes that Revel’s handheld order takers have completely changed how the restaurant interacts with its customers. “Most customers love that part. They're thrilled that the server might still be at the table, and their food's starting to come out already, or their drinks have already been brought out. They don't really understand how that's possible when the server's still there. Plus, when you have a point of sale station right at each table, accuracy goes up, speed goes up. It just makes everything more streamlined.”

One of the newest Octopus Restaurant Group's locations leveraged insights from Revel Enterprise to achieve 8.8% savings in labor costs, 2% savings in food costs, and a 17.7% increase in sales year-over-year.
Moon Rhee, General Manager, Octopus Restaurant Group