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Madison Kitchen

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Seattle, WA

About Madison Kitchen

With over 30 years of experience in the food industry, Jim Goodall was looking to bring a simple quick-service cafe to Seattle. He opened Madison Kitchen in 2013, focusing on fresh foods in a modern environment. His deli-style cafe serves hand-crafted illy® coffee, spruced-up sandwiches, baked goods, and a variety of fresh salads with indoor and outdoor seating. Madison now uses Revel iPad Point of Sale in Seattle.

iPad POS | Madison Kitchen

The Revel Solution

“We have about 12 salads so we can build a lot of combinations around those salads, soups, and more. Seeing reports that show what is ordered with detailed specific items can tell us how popular an item is or when items start to wane in popularity. It helps me with ordering, saving time, and purchasing effectively.”

“Part of why I chose Revel was the crisp, clean display - being iPad based and not having a big terminal. I have my till under the counter so my counter is really clean and nice.”

madison kitchen owner
Revel gave me all the features I needed and then some.
- Jim Goodall, Owner, Madison Kitchen, Seattle, WA