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Lyric Opera House

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About Lyric Opera House

Founded in 1954, Lyric Opera of Chicago features the finest international singers, conductors, directors, and designers in the opera. With the mission of providing a broad, deep, and relevant cultural service to the Chicago region, Lyric Opera of Chicago built a full-service opera house that includes the theater, restaurant, concession stands, and a retail shop. Their dynamic establishment needed a dynamic Point of Sale partner.

The Revel Solution

On any given day, the opera house seats around 3,600 patrons. And with only a few hours (or much fewer during intermission!) to seat customers at their restaurant, or serve them at the concession stands – speed of service is imperative to Lyric Opera House. Geri LaGiglio, Lyric Opera's food and beverage manager, said, "For the customers, they swipe and everything's done a lot quicker because we key it in real fast, they swipe real fast, they get their order, and it's like a hit and run."

And to help bust the lines, Lyric Opera House deploys Mobile Order Takers. "They have been instrumental in getting our customers in and out of the door as quickly as possible."

Lyric Opera House
We've greatly increased our revenue, which is being able to offer more to our patrons in terms of concessions and dining. Revel has been huge in helping us do that.
Leslie MacLean, Facilities Coordinator, Lyric Opera