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Lappert’s Ice Cream


Lappert’s Ice Cream has been serving the Sausalito community since 1983. The family business is owned by Michael Lappert and his son, Isaac, who collectively operate 23 parlors throughout the world. Lappert’s Sausalito location, in particular, has been become a major hotspot serving thousands of customers daily.

The Revel Challenge

Move lines faster

Need to accelerate speed of service? With Revel iPad Point of Sale, Lappert’s Ice Cream can easily serve 2,000 people per day.

Never miss a sale

With Revel’s Always On mode feature, Lappert never has to worry about losing revenue due to Internet loss.

Lapperts Ice Cream iPad POS

The Revel Solution

“Lines move fast because the POS can serve a lot of ice cream a lot faster than any other system. Revel has helped me grow my business by being able to serve more people in the same amount of time per day than i was able to prior.”

“(With Always On Mode) we haven’t had a single problem. The Revel POS now has the ability to continue doing its job even if I lose Internet. As soon as the POS has the ability to go back online, it updates everything and we never knew anything was a problem.”

Revel helps me to run a better business by being a silent partner that always does its job perfectly and never complains about anything.
Michael Lappert, Owner, Lappert’s Ice Cream, Sausalito, CA

Why Revel

Lappert’s Ice Cream has been able to increase sales by over 20% after switching to Revel iPad Point of Sale. Everything from the system’s ease of use, fast processing, and seamless hardware integrations has been able to help Lappert take his business to the next level. Lappert can now rest easy when it comes to managing an entire business with his new “silent partner”.