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Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates


Sacramento, CA

About Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

Ginger Elizabeth Hahn, at a young age, always knew she wanted to open her own own store and become an entrepreneur. After she studied to be a pastry chef for several years, she finally made her dream come true and ventured her first chocolate shop in Midtown Sacramento, California under the company name Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates. Today, Hahn and her husband manage their growing family-run business together.

The Revel Challenge

Be free to choose

Revel Systems provides complete flexibility and customization that no other POS can match.

Easily manage every employee

Managing a large handful of employees is easier than ever with a full suite of employee scheduling tools.

The Revel Solution

“With Revel Systems, we’ve saved over $1,000 per month because we have the flexibility to choose any sort of payment processor that we want to go with. With my old POS system, we didn’t have that flexibility.”

“We definitely use the employee scheduling feature. We use it to manage clock ins and outs, create a schedule for our employees, and even email the schedules to them shortly after.”

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates
With Revel iPad POS, we can easily serve 600+ customers in a day and have successfully increased sales by 20%.
- Ginger Elizabeth Hahn, Chocolatier/Owner, Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates, Sacramento, CA

Why Revel

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates needed a quick and reliable system that could enhance the customer experience. Hahn chose Revel iPad Point of Sale because of its speed of service, full customization capabilities, real-time reporting, always on mode, employee scheduling, and customer facing display. With Revel iPad Point of Sale by her side, she can easily manage and grow her dream business.