Chatime is recognized as the largest Bubble Tea franchise in the world, now operating in over 2,500 outlets across 38 countries. Founded in Taiwan in 2005, the popular drink destination is most well known for its signature Pearl Milk Tea.

Peter Wong is a director at P.W. Group Limited, the U.K. master franchisor for the Chatime brand. After opening their first Chatime location in the United Kingdom in 2012, Peter and his team began looking for an alternative, more modern point of sale (POS) solution for the bubble tea powerhouse. In 2014, Chatime selected Revel and has utilized the easy-to-use solution to simplify, streamline and scale their growing operations.

“It’s a contractual obligation for new franchisers to use Revel,” Peter explains. “For scalability, that type of streamlined service is really important.”

Chatime has opened 30 additional locations since launching their first UK location in 2012, and continues to utilize Revel to run their record-breaking teahouses.

Revel Customer | Chatime

The Revel Challenge

Simplified restaurant operations

With Revel, customers at Chatime’s UK locations are used to an efficient ordering experience largely made possible by integrated label printers. Revel was the only POS to offer an integrated printer solution. The Zebra ZD410 is an ultra-compact printer designed for small work spaces and integrates directly with the Revel POS. As customers place their orders, stickers printed from the Zebra ZD410 are placed directly on cups, making it easy for staff to execute each order. And because the printer is designed to be backwards compatible with existing apps, formats, and printer languages, it’s easy to adapt printer needs alongside their evolving technology needs.

Flexibility through an open API

The effects of COVID-19 on Chatime’s typical business model were far-reaching, but through Revel’s open API, the business took advantage of an extensive directory of integration partners to pivot as needed. The brand is currently piloting an integration with Deliverect, a centralized aggregator that sends third-party delivery orders directly to the Revel POS, with plans for a full rollout. As seamless, contactless ordering and delivery continues to top consumers’ lists of demands, Chatime recognizes the importance of being available on a variety of platforms. As Chatime continues to scale, Revel’s open API helps maximize their environment as business needs change. The flexibility of the open API “creates another dynamic to a simple ePOS system,” according to Peter.

Revel Customer | Chatime

The Revel Solution

Both Chatime’s in-store staff and the team at P.W. Group Limited appreciate Revel’s easy-to-use, iPad-based platform. Peter explains that in his eyes, the user-friendly technology, paired with Apple’s powerful iOS operating system, is one of Revel’s key market differentiators in the POS space. “I haven’t operated Revel in a physical store for several years, but I’m confident that even if I needed to operate it in-store today, I could do so with ease,” Peter explains.

Simplified access to real-time reporting through a centralized management console also makes running a multi-unit operation easier. On a weekly basis, the team at Chatime pulls product mix reports to gauge inventory at the store-level across locations, giving them a holistic, data-driven overview of the business.

While the brand still continues to react to the effects of COVID-19, delivery integrations like Deliverect, along with other white label and third party application integrations, will continue to play a big role in reducing staff-to-customer interaction. In a COVID-world, this creates a safe environment for both parties. A white labeled integration with Dynamify empowers the team’s digital marketing and social media efforts with customer relationship management (CRM).

“When you can implement things that are more related to digital marketing, like linking to social media, it really does add another dynamic and allows us to immediately track campaign sales against real store data,” Peter explains.

While customers are welcome to pick up orders in store, Chatime’s social media channels and digital customer engagement efforts are completely focused on encouraging online ordering and delivery.

Revel continues to create new products and features that really build an entire ecosystem. I haven’t operated [Revel] in a physical store for several years, but I’m confident that even if I needed to operate it in-store today, I could do so with ease.

Peter Wong, Director, P.W. Group Limited

Why Revel

When Chatime was considering a switch to a new POS, Revel matched their need for a multi-functional solution. One of the best parts of the switch, according to Peter, is that Revel’s products continue to evolve.

Peter also shares that Chatime intends to charge forward with an aggressive expansion plan for the teahouse empire. The team behind Revel’s scalable, cloud-based solution looks forward to growing alongside the popular brand.