Bangi Golf Resort


Located in Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia, Bangi Golf Resort is an 18-hole golf course, hotel and function centre founded in 1994. With perfectly manicured lawns and world class facilities, Bangi welcomes around 4,000 players per month, in addition to corporate and public guests.

Hosting everything from conferences to weddings, seminars to golf tournaments and serving up to 300,000 meals annually, Bangi is a multi-faceted venue requiring a centralised platform to manage its retail and restaurant business. Operations Manager Yongji Soh, says that the venue relied on pen and paper and a legacy POS system for many years to take orders and process transactions; however, that piecemeal process created multiple inefficiencies and left significant room for human error. Management was frustrated by reports that were difficult to compile and could not be accessed until the end of each working day.

Revel Customer | Bangi Golf Resort

The Revel Challenge

Simplifying Processes

The depth of features that Revel provides has changed the way that Bangi runs its restaurant and retail operations. These features have facilitated data-driven decision making and paved the way for greater efficiencies across the business. “Revel has a lot of great features. The House Accounts feature allows us to keep track of clients spend, and the dashboard lets us get a snapshot of how we are performing. I think the clarity of the reports has helped me to make better decisions as I’m able to track all the voids, discount codes and sales very carefully.”

Increasing Speed and Accuracy

Revel has provided Bangi with invaluable efficiencies across its restaurant and retail business. Bangi has been able to cut down on customer wait times, and service its customers more accurately. “Revel’s Mobile Order Takers allow us to service different ends of the venue and take orders right in front of the customers rather than writing down the order, going back to the POS system, typing it in. Revel has saved us a lot of time on movement.”

Revel Customer | Bangi Golf Resort

The Revel Solution

Yongji sites a host of reasons as to why Bangi decided to go with Revel. The light technological footprint of Revel means that expensive maintenance costs are no longer a concern for Bangi; new staff can easily learn the system in a matter of minutes; and up-to-the-minute reporting allows Yongji to make important management decisions in real time from any mobile device.

The clarity of the reports has helped me to make better decisions as I’m able to track all the voids, discount codes and sales very carefully.

Yongji Soh, Operations Manager, Bangi Golf Resort

Why Revel

“I would recommend Revel because of the ease of use, the ability to track all the data offsite and the clarity that the reports provide. Working with Revel has been fantastic!”