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Open API

Fully customize your iPad Point of Sale to your specific needs by integrating third party applications. Revel boasts an open iPad POS API –or Application Programming Interface– enabling you to enhance your Revel iPad Point of Sale as you see fit.

Open API

Leverage Revel’s robust network of integration partners or bring your own integrations to enhance your system. From accounting and eCommerce to CRM and workforce management, Revel offers the tools you desire to run your business.

Bring Your Own Integrations

Continue using your favorite tools, with Revel’s open API capabilities you have the ability to integrate software for an even broader range of functionality.

Scale Your Business with Integrations

Continuously maximise your environment as the needs of your business change over time. With unlimited integrations for one flat price, your ROI grows exponentially.

Rely on REST API

Revel’s open, REST API enables your business to operate on your terms, helping to grow your revenue and your business.

Revel’s open API allows my team to develop online ordering, mobile payments, and customer loyalty programs that strengthen the company’s position in a very competitive marketplace.
- Andrew Gamm, Pizza Patron
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See How Revel's Open API Has Helped Pizza Patron Scale