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Social Media Policy

Revel Systems social pages are for our customers, our community, and our employees to discuss our products and our services in productive ways. Discourse about Revel Systems and its products and solutions, as well as dialogue about pursuing, owning, and operating a business, are welcomed. While we hope you have an excellent experience while partnering with us, providing honest feedback about your real experiences with us is allowed and encouraged.
To keep our community an engaging one, we ask that you participate respectfully and comply with the guidelines below. Comments unrelated or deemed inappropriate may be removed by Revel Systems at our discretion. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in being banned from the page:
  1. No spam will be permitted
  2. Do not use offensive language, post personal attacks, or make hostile, derogatory, or deliberately insulting comments
  3. Do not stoke the flame (if you see angry comments, we ask that you do not turn a negative experience into a worse one)
  4. This includes feedback that you’ve already voiced previously on the page
  5. Post only original material
  6. Do not promote goods, sites, or services
  7. Do not repetitively post inflammatory comments or troll the page
This page is not a support page. Our social media team will help direct your questions or concerns to our support team, but we advise that it will be faster to directly email for resolutions to support issues, troubleshooting, and tech-related assistance for your point of sale.
Our social media team is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET M-F. Response time is typically within a few hours during normal operating hours. For urgent support issues that occur outside of this window, please email