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The self-diagnostic success tool.

Revel Guard is a hardware device that monitors the network health and builds alerts for clients with POS terminals using Revel. Whether a printer is running low on paper, a freezer isn't at the required temperature, or a local network has gone down, Revel Guard automatically alerts Revel Support so that technicians can proactively resolve the issue quickly.

Automation and interconnected devices are the next wave of the future and will change the way people do business. As the business world evolves from a technology standpoint, Revel has created a product that supports this philosophy.

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Silent SystemSilent System

Revel Guard is installed with your Point of Sale but remains unobtrusive to business and customer data.

Everyday Monitoring

Revel Guard continually collects information on POS devices and provides Revel Support a snapshot of the establishment’s current state.

Proactive Support

If a problem arises, Revel Guard automatically notifies Revel Support and opens a ticket on behalf of the customer. Support can then quickly complete diagnostic work and fix the problem or provide guidelines to the customer.

Continuous Updates

Revel makes frequent updates to its software and pushes out new app builds with enhancements. Revel Guard ensures that the Point of Sale app is updated across devices and sends an alert if there is a mismatch.

Remote Configuration

With Revel Guard, Revel Support has secure access to configure interfaces on printers, routers, and more. No travel or in-person maintenance required.

“Our POS terminals were timing out, interfering with our workflow. We weren’t sure where the problem originated and it was frustrating. With Revel Guard we were able to discover that the issue was with our wifi network. We then installed Revel Ethernet Connect which resolved our issues.”

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