Employee Management

Manage all aspects of labor operations from a single console. From on-boarding employees to tracking productivity and payroll, streamline your administrative processes and cut down on time spent on administrative paperwork.

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Payroll, Simplified

  • Create and modify schedules for each employee based on forecasted activity. Get the whole picture with views of shifts, hours, and wages. Email schedules directly to employees.
  • Protect your POS with unique user passcodes and card swipes and enable secure clock in, clock out functionality directly on the Point of Sale.
  • Save time by automating employee time worked, track over time, modify employee punches and export data to your accounting software of choice.

A Powerful Ecosystem for Your Payroll Needs

Integrate with one of Revel’s employee management partner solutions to customize your employee management to fit your business. Integrations enable additional communication, supplementary scheduling functions, and industry specific tools.

Add Employees to Your Team

Add individuals to your Management Console and set key details to get your employees ready to work.

Set Permissions and Roles

Assign roles and permissions to your employees based on function or seniority. Easily make changes to your settings whenever necessary.

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