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Processor Agnostic with Flexible Payments

Flexibility is key in payment processing and catering to your customers’ needs. Revel gives you the ultimate flexibility in choosing the best payment processor for your business. No matter which solution you choose, our available integrations allow employees to split bills, offer the latest in payment security, and accept a variety of payment types, from EMV chipped cards, to mobile payments and more.

Payment Processor Agnostic

Revel wants what’s best for your business when it comes to choosing a payment processor. That is why we give you the flexibility to go with the payment processor that aligns with your needs, whether that is our in-house solution, Revel Advantage, or another integrated provider. Choose the payment solution you need to run the operation you desire!

EMV and PCI Standards Come Standard with your Payment Solutions

Protect your business and customers with an EMV and PCI ready-solution. EMV cards create a unique code for every transaction and are virtually impossible to counterfeit protecting you and your customers. Don’t let the liability fall on you! An EMV-enabled terminal will help protect you from fraud and resulting liability.

Flexible Payment Features

Open a Bar Tab Without a Held Card

Provide excellent service with credit card pre-authorization, and let your guests easily order another round without requiring them to hand over their card.

Revel SmartPay

Revel Smartpay is a modern, mobile payments solution that supports SMS text-to-pay and QR code scan-to-pay for in-store or over the phone consumer transactions. It is a convenient, safe and contactless way to pay and a great addition to your payment suite.

Payment Methods

Our agnostic payment gateway gives you the tools to drive revenue allowing you to pay in-store or online with a variety of payment methods including credit, mobile, gift cards and more.

Delayed Payments or Front End Payments

Enable your customers to complete transactions in a number of different ways.

  • Keep house accounts open for regular customers.
  • Provide store credit for returns.
  • Offer your customers invoice options for items like catering orders.
With Revel Systems, we’ve saved over $1,000 per month because we have the flexibility to choose any sort of payment processor that we want to go with. With my old POS system, we didn’t have that flexibility.
Ginger Elizabeth Hahn, Chocolatier/Owner, Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

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