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Revel point of sale Software Products

Revel provides products and management solutions that will help run your business. Streamline your business operations and accelerate your business with powerful POS technology. Take a look at all the solutions Revel provides for front-of-house and back-of-house operations.

POS and Management Solutions

Point of Sale | Revel Systems

Point of Sale

Revel Systems® is the point of sale (POS) and business management platform built to help you achieve your goals.

Open API | Revel Systems

Open API

Leverage Revel’s robust network of integration partners or bring your own integrations to enhance your system.

Employee Management | Revel Systems

Employee Management

Manage all aspects of labor operations from a single console and streamline your administrative paperwork, allowing you to focus on big picture items.

Kitchen Management | Revel Systems

Kitchen Management

Streamline your kitchen processes with tools that connect directly to your POS. Maintain constant communication between front of house and back of house.

Enterprise Management | Revel Systems

Enterprise Management

Standardize your operations across multiple locations and manage your business with Revel’s full suite of tools for your Enterprise.

Table Management | Revel Systems

Table Management

Utilize Revel’s suite of restaurant management tools to provide excellent service – from making a reservation through paying the bill.

Product Management & Menu Building | Revel Systems

Product Management & Menu Building

Tailor a menu that reflects your business. Utilize spreadsheet upload, in POS app, or enter items into your Management Console to build a menu.

Cash Management | Revel Systems

Cash Management

Maintain a complete picture of your cash flow with Revel’s comprehensive permission settings and reporting capabilities.

Data Connector | Revel Systems

Revel Data Connector

Revel Data Connector is the way to access Revel point-of-sale (POS) core data using business intelligence (BI) tools to provide visibility and transparency for executives on a corporate level.

Customer Experience

Online Ordering XT | Revel Systems

Online Ordering XT

Revel’s latest offering for native online ordering, Online Ordering XT is a solution that gives merchants full control of the consumer experience and maximum profits on each sale.

Delivery | Revel Systems


Open your business to a larger audience and unlock next-level delivery capabilities with Revel’s delivery software options, whether it be in-house, third-party.

Self Service Kiosk | Revel Systems

Self Service Kiosk

Our Kiosk XT solution is Revel's latest offering for self-service checkout, offering enhanced options for branded messaging, payments and more.

Drive Thru | Revel Systems

Drive Thru

Add a revenue stream for your business with a full-service drive-thru solution for diners who eat off premises. Our end-to-end drive-thru offering includes everything from a digital display board to headsets and speed of service timers.

Mobile Order Takers | Revel Systems

Mobile Order Takers

Sell on the go, speed up the order process, and engage your customers. Take orders or process sales from anywhere in your establishment with Revel’s Mobile Order Takers.

Loyalty Programs | Revel Systems

Loyalty Programs

You’re in control of your loyalty program. Create a loyalty program that caters to your clients and encourages customers to keep coming back for more.

Customer Display System XT | Revel Systems

Customer Display System XT

Customer Display System (CDS) XT is a best-in-class solution for engaging consumers, upselling products and rewarding employees with opportunities for increased tips.

Customer Relationship Management | Revel Systems

Customer Relationship Management

Deploy a customer engagement strategy powered by your CRM. Capture customer information from your POS and connect regularly to keep your business top of mind.


Revel Advantage | Revel Systems

Revel Advantage

Revel Advantage is the payment processing solution that seamlessly integrates into your Revel point of sale platform to create a complete system, tailored to your business needs.

Revel Advantage International | Revel Systems

Revel Advantage International

Powered by leading global payments platform Adyen, Revel Advantage International offers a fully-integrated payment processing solution featuring industry-low rates and best-in-class security.

Revel SmartPay | Revel Systems

Revel SmartPay

Give your guests the ultimate convenience in how they choose to pay with Revel SmartPay, a contactless, mobile payments solution. This solution is part of our core platform and therefore free of charge to help support your business’s payment needs.

Agnostic Processor and Flexible Payments | Revel Systems

Agnostic Processor and Flexible Payments

Flexibility is key in payment processing and catering to your customers’ needs. Revel gives you the ultimate flexibility in choosing the best payment processor for your business.

Gift Cards | Revel Systems

Gift Cards

Increase sales, retain old customers, and earn new ones by offering gift cards. With Revel’s POS system, setting up and processing gift cards is easy.