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Frozen Yogurt Point of Sale

Churn Out More Froyo

The Revel Frozen Yogurt POS system opens new doors for your business. Every feature from ingredient-level inventory to employee management will help increase efficiency and remove tedious tasks off your plate. With integrated food-safe scales and multiple tare values, your service will be quick and speedy. Mix in features like loyalty programs and gift cards and keep customers coming back.

Swirl technology into your business

Serve sweet treats any way your customers can dream up! With Revel’s POS and platform, you can keep the lines moving with the technology designed for frozen yogurt, ice cream, and other weight-based treats shops, to make weight-based checkouts a snap.

Accurate Weights and Pricing
Utilize Revel’s integrated scales for weight-based pricing. And put together an end of day checklist that requires your team to measure and report on toppings at close.
Keep Track of Your Toppings
With inventory management and sales reporting, you can keep an eye on the levels of toppings so you know when it’s time to order more and which are your best sellers.

A Platform That Makes Training Easy
Get your part-time or seasonal team members trained, up and running in no time. Revel’s intuitive user interface makes training and onboarding a breeze!
A Platform That Benefits Your Team and Your Customers
Utilize a Customer Display System for increased transparency during the checkout process and enables customers to sign and tip directly from the CDS.