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Provide your customers the option of self check-out or ordering with an easy-to-use, interactive point of sale kiosk. Eliminate lines, free up employees for higher value tasks, and delight customers with an intuitive self-service option on the Revel POS system.

Customer using contactless payments kiosk

Revel Stand Alone Kiosk

Give your business the competitive edge with Revel’s stand-alone, self-service kiosk. Enable customers to self-checkout, eliminating long lines during busy times. Revel’s freestanding kiosk can be branded to your specifications and can be treated as a welcome “extra” counter employee.

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Revel's hardware and service leasing program
from Apple Financial Services

Revel is now offering a more flexible payment program for customers. The lease program will reduce upfront costs for customers purchasing POS solutions through an extended payment plan.

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