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Self-Service Kiosk

Speed up service delivery with an intuitive self-service kiosk that will wow your customers. By providing your customers the option of self service, they can confidently skip the line without worrying about order accuracy.

Increase Service Speeds

Enable customers to place their own orders, and speed through peak hour rushes without breaking a sweat or sacrificing customer service. Orders are sent directly to the kitchen, helping to eliminate communication errors and product waste.

Grab More Customers with Grab and Go

Introduce a new stream of revenue and cut down on wait times by introducing a grab and go selection in your restaurant.

Seamless Syncing

Integrate your CRM and loyalty programs seamlessly into your kiosk so customers can earn rewards, quickly view their order history, and easily reorder their favorites.

We are going to be transforming part of our pop-up area into more of a grab-and-go section with fresh daily salads, sandwiches, all sorts of snacks and goodies to offer. Guests can come in, grab the items they want, and use Revel’s kiosk function to self-check out.
- Chris Dressick, The Station SF
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Run A Competitive Business With Self-Serve Kiosks