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Revel Assistant

If you ever find yourself in need of a bit of help with your system, look no further than your Revel Assistant. The Revel Assistant lives in the Revel Management Console, and provides step-by-step setup guides, troubleshooting, helpful video support, and walks users through feature set up.

Onboarding and Implementation Simplified

The Revel Assistant helps you put your best foot forward, from day one. Follow along as the Revel Assistant guides you through setting up your menu, adding employees, and configuring your establishment settings.

Training and Education When You Need It

The Revel Assistant is not just for onboarding, utilize the Revel Assistant to troubleshoot any issues you may face or learn about features you’re not yet using. Want to set up the latest features? Take a look at the New Features list, and the Revel Assistant will walk you through getting started!

In-Depth Video Support

More of a visual learner? Check out video tutorials right in your Management Console. Just click the “Watch the Tutorial” tab on the page you want to learn more about.