Customer Display System

Engage your customers and streamline checkouts with a Customer Display System.

Capabilities that Empower Your Customers

Utilize a CDS at checkout to engage and empower your customers:

  • Go green! Allow customers to choose paperless emailed receipts
  • Give customers the power to sign and tip right on the CDS - increasing tips for your employees
  • Show your customers their order as it is entered, improving order accuracy
  • Allow customers to engage with your loyalty program on screen

Customize Your Customer Display

Display dynamic and custom imagery on your Customer Display System. Advertise specials, insert branded imagery and messaging between sales.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Empower your customers with increased transparency and order accuracy. A CDS enables your customers to see their order as it is entered and provides the opportunity for changes if necessary.

See the Customer Display System in Action with Sliderz


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