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Enhance Your Customer Experience With Modern Payments Solutions

Payment processing is complex. That’s why we’re “payments agnostic” at Revel—we understand it’s important for enterprises to choose the solution that works best for their needs and operations.

Our team does offer an in-house payments solution, though: Revel Advantage®. With Revel Advantage, you get an edge in competitive payment processing with a modern solution that integrates directly with your point of sale.


Payments Innovations and Features

Multiple Ways to Pay

Consumer payment preferences are constantly evolving. Whether they want to pay with the dip of a card, the wave of a smartphone, online in advance, or otherwise, our modern payments solutions have you covered so you can keep your guests satisfied.

A Great Payment Experience

At Revel we believe the payment experience should be great for merchants and consumers alike. That’s why we prioritize solutions that bring you the latest in EMV security standards, supported payment types, and compatible technology.

Peace of Mind With Secure Solutions

We Use the Top Servers in the Industry

Our cloud architecture utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS), the same leading servers entrusted with sensitive data for the world’s largest financial institutions and high-grossing companies. Where the data of your company and your consumers is concerned, we only settle for the best.

Add Further Protection With Point-To-Point Encryption (P2PE)

Why leave the security of your valuable information up to chance? With P2PE, you can rest assured that your essential information—from finances to personal identifiers—is fully encrypted.

Payment Hardware Solutions

The right hardware is a critical piece in your ability to accept and process payment transactions. Whether you’re seeking a stationary device or something more portable, we offer fast, secure hardware designed for multiple use cases and environments, including restaurants, retail, and more. Your enterprise retail system won’t be complete without the payments solution in place. Check out our available payment devices here.

Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways

  • Securely handle sensitive cardholder information
  • Accept transaction payments through a secured channel

Payment Processors

  • Transfer funds from the gateway to your bank account
  • Process chargebacks and mitigate transaction risk

Payment Devices

  • Equip your team members to accept payments on location
  • Accept many ways to pay, including swipes, dips, waves and more


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