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Employee Login

Employee Login

Employee Login on the Revel POS

One of the biggest impediments to maximising your employees’ work potential is a lack of data. We know, this sounds absurd, but it’s absolutely true. The more information that you have about your employees’ work habits, the better off your company will be. You can also cross-reference labour reports with sales data to really understand how certain employees are performing and share best practices across the team. Data can help you cut down on overtime hours or just simply provide more transparency on scheduling shifts.

employee login & swipe card accessRevel Systems can provide your business with employee login and swipe cards. These cards allow you to assign individual login codes to each employee. That way, you’ll be able to track their clock-in and clock-out times, length and frequency of breaks taken and how many hours they’ve worked.

These feature is especially useful for:

  1. Faster Clock-ins: Streamline the clocking-in process for your staff by implementing an employee swipe card. Logging-in and clocking-in are performed simultaneously with the quick swipe of the card. This will save your employees time when it comes to the beginning and end of their workdays.
  2. Accurate Reporting: Worried about your employees’ productivity? Take full advantage of Revel’s employee swipe card system to monitor your employees. This allows you to give feedback accordingly:  Are your employees frequently late or taking too many breaks? Finding out is easy and with Revel’s employee swipe card system you’ll always know exactly how well your staff is performing.
  3. Privacy of Data: Have you ever been worried about the safety of your POS system? It makes perfect sense. Unauthorised users looking through important transaction data and sensitive employee information could easily damage your system. That’s why Revel takes great care to ensure that the employee swipe card system is absolutely ironclad in its protection of your business’s information. Rest assured that your business is in good hands with the employee login feature.

Additionally, employee login allows you to assign an admin role to members of your staff. This feature allows employees to bypass the use of an administrative pin number when authorising transactions in favour of a quick, handy swipe. This will streamline the duties of managers and ensures that they will spend their time wisely and effectively.

If you’re ready to give the employee login and swipe card system a try, feel free to get in touch with Revel Systems. They will optimise a system that fits your business needs and gives your employees the best opportunity to perform at their maximum potential.