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Cash in on Concert Festivals Get your Show on the Road with 7 Simple Steps

Cash in on Concert Festivals Get your Show on the Road with 7 Simple Steps

Selling your wares at music festival is a dream gig. The sun on your face, the wind in your hair, the scent of patchouli wafting through the air. Sometimes, waiting around for the masses to come to you doesn’t quite cut it. You need to bring the product to the people.

Music festivals provide a crazy-fun opportunity to make money while getting a chance to reach new prospects and discover new bands. Plus, they give you an excuse to rock that handcrafted feather headband you bought just in case Burning Man tickets ever became available. Whether you are offering concessions or selling artisan goods, these events attract customers who you might not have reached otherwise.

Ready to rock the concert world with your entrepreneurial prowess? You’ll need to do a little legwork first. Here are seven easy steps to succeed.

Revel’s 7 Festival Tips

Step 1: Select your fest!

You should consider a few key factors as you plan your debut. First, location, location, location! How will you get yourself and your business set up at the venue?  What’s the size of the event and how can you prepare to handle those sales? Is the event indoor or outdoors, and what supplies will you need to possibly protect against wind, rain or sun? As always, Google is your friend.

Step 2: Apply yourself!

Contact the organizer of the event and ask about the process of becoming a vendor. You might be asked to describe or send photos of your merchandise to ensure it’s a good fit for attendees. Beef jerky at a vegan folk fest? Not so much! Beef jerky at a metal revival? You’re in.

If talking on the phone is not your jam, don’t despair. Most major music festivals feature online applications right on their websites. Spots fill up fast though, so be sure to plan ahead and submit your application before the due date.

Step 3: Pony up!

Depending on the size of the festival, vendor fees can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Think of this cost as an investment in your business. Your product will get incredible exposure, real-time sales and the potential for loyal, repeat customers in the future. Don’t forget the networking opportunities as well. If you’re strapped for start-up cash, consider launching a crowdfunding campaign. You might be surprised by how many of your fans, friends and relatives are willing to buy into a piece of your dream.

Step 4: Prep and repeat!

Once you have been accepted as a vendor, it’s time to kick back, relax and daydream about all the cash you’ll be raking in – Not!

This is the time to buckle down and prepare. Take note of booth requirements, where you should park, what facilities are exclusive for vendors, as well as load-in and load-out times for the festival.

Step 5: Stock up!

There’s an old Irish expression: It’s better looking at it than looking for it. We don’t always encourage heeding the wisdom of the ancients, but in this case, they were definitely onto something. Make sure you have more than enough stock to sell through the duration of the festival; you might have follow-up orders to fill. Draft an inventory list of exactly what you are taking to the festival so you can see your sales at a glance each day. Revel Inventory Management System allows you to track and monitor your inventory in real time so you know what to order when. You can also create purchase orders directly from the console. This streamlined process makes it easy to stay fully stocked to meet customer demand.

Step 6: Lights, Camera, Sales!

Arrive at the festival early to set up your booth area. Be courteous and follow the rules of vendor conduct to build your relationship with the festival. Keep your booth area tidy so merchandise is easy to see for customers. Leave the rockstar behavior to the headliners on-stage and let your customer service swagger shine. Complete transactions the safe and secure way by packing Revel’s Mobile Order Taker into your bag of tricks. Accept cash, credit and even contactless payments on-the-go.

Step 7: Follow-up act.

Now that the fest is over and the last glow stick has lost its neon magic, it’s time for you to pat yourself on the back for killing it. You’ll also want to thank the organizer for the vending opportunity a few days after the show is over. Earning goodwill and brownie points is a great business practice. Discuss your intention to vend again at next year’s music festival and inquire about any other upcoming events. You have made a great connection and a powerful ally in the industry.