iPad POS | Consumer Psychology And Menu Boards

Consumer Psychology And Menu Boards

Restaurants put a lot of effort into making their menu items as appealing as possible. Every element — from the ingredients to the presentation on the plate — matters. However, what many restaurants don’t know is that no matter how appealing a dish is, their customers will never know if the menu isn’t designed with the same eye for detail. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we make decisions in restaurants based not only...

iPad POS | The Future Is Omnichannel: 4 Tech Trends Changing the Way We Shop

The Future Is Omnichannel: 4 Tech Trends Changing the Way We Shop

Diverse and innovative tech tools are invented and released on a daily basis in an attempt to constantly advance the way we go about our day-to-day lives – and integral to this everyday routine is how and where we shop. In 2016, the retail industry generated £358 billion in the UK alone – with an estimated third of consumer spending spent in this sector. It’s no wonder, then, that the industry is constantly looking for...

iPad POS | What You Need To Know About The Revel Assistant

What You Need To Know About The Revel Assistant

2.40 is underway and we are introducing an exciting new virtual assistant, the Revel Assistant. The Revel Assistant is your guide to making the most out of your Revel System. The Revel Assistant lives right in your Management Console and provides step by step guides to walk you through almost anything you’d need to do in the Management Console. The Revel Assistant provides three types of tools: How-To-Guides, New Features, and Getting Started. Dependent on...

iPad POS | perfect menu

5 Easy Tricks For Building The Perfect Menu

A thoughtful, effective menu can boost your bottom line. And there are a number of creative tactics and even psychological strategies that go into building the perfect menu. From fast food to fine dining – your menu matters. Designing the perfect menu is just as much about science as it is about art. Here are menu building hacks that actually boost your bottom line: Eye Scanning Patterns Eye movement plays a huge role in how...

iPad POS | food franchise

Food Franchise Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore

Thinking of franchising? Well, the market looks a lot different today than it did just a few years ago. Franchising has evolved, and 2018 is ushering in new trends that franchisors need to consider. It’s more important than ever for franchisors to be nimble and have an acute understanding of what trends are driving success in a competitive market. Here are the top food franchise trends that can’t go ignored by franchisors: Build-Your-Own Take a...

iPad POS | 2.40 What’s New in your Management Console

2.40 What’s New in your Management Console

The latest product update to your Management Console from Revel comes packed with new features designed around increasing the efficiency of your business. Here are the big  updates that you’ll be excited to hear about: Revel Assistant 1. One of our most prominent additions to version 2.40 is the Revel Assistant. The Revel Assistant will walk you through each new feature in your Management Console and can be accessed from any page. Whatever it is...

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iPad POS | instagram

What’s Hot? Summer Food Trends According to Instagram

Warm days, long nights, and plenty of out of towners makes summer a perfect time for restaurants to draw crowds. And with Summer Solstice just behind us, we compiled the necessary summer food trends to help you refresh your menu. But these aren’t just any trends, these are the trends propelled by Instagram. Whether you love it or hate it – Instagram has become an undisputable force in the restaurant industry. Here are the hot Instagram...

iPad POS | Gen Korean

Gen Korean: Deploys Futuristic Customer Experience

Gen Korean transcends the norm of Korean BBQ restaurants by incorporating new flavors into their dishes. Beyond their twist on flavors, Gen Korean offers a twist on traditional customer service. From robots delivering dishes to customers grilling food at their table – Gen Korean’s unique and modern operations have contributed to its huge success. We had the pleasure of sitting down with the Vice President of Operations, David Gim, to learn more about how their business...

iPad POS | sales tax revenue

Is Using Sales Tax Revenue to Run Your Business a Wise Investment? (The Answer is “No”!)

There’s an urban myth in the restaurant business that goes something like this: “I collect sales tax, therefore it’s OK to use it from time to time to run my business.”  However, this line of thinking, to be blunt, is very flawed. Merchants who use sales tax as working capital rarely take time to understand the true cost and potentially catastrophic legal pitfalls until it’s too late.  Merchants may be wondering, why isn’t it OK...

iPad POS | release

4 Exciting Features from Our 2.40 Release

With 2.40 Management Console updates underway, we are excited to share the hottest features from the 2.40 system update. Our updates are designed to streamline your processes, arm you with revenue-generating features, and expand your reporting tools. The update to the management console is underway; stay tuned for POS updates in the coming weeks! Here are the hottest features you can expect from the 2.40 update: The Revel Assistant In order to enhance Revel support...

iPad POS | Chirashi by Mr. 7

Chirashi By Mr. 7: Reimagining Front of House Experience

Chirashi by Mr. 7 Chirashi by Mr. 7 opened because they found a gap in the market. Chirashi was typically served in traditional Japanese restaurants and did not afford the diners the possibility of customizing their own chirashi bowl. With that in mind, Jack Zhang opened up his chirashi fast-casual concept, Chirashi by Mr. 7. Situated in central California, adjacent to a community college, Chirashi was welcomed by their neighboring millennial cohort. Chirashi by Mr....

iPad POS | Bakery Inventory

3 Must-Use Features to Increase Efficiency

So, you just purchased your brand-new Revel POS system, and you can’t wait to begin using it. By now you know that your new system includes many features that will help you run your business more efficiently. But, out of those features, which ones will help you manage your most important assets? Here are three features that will help cut down on the time spend on your operate your restaurant smoothly and efficiently. 1) Product Management...

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