Clipping Coupons in a Digital Age: The Proof is in The Data

The first widespread coupon was offered in 1887 when Coca Cola created a slip for a  complimentary Coke. It doesn’t take a marketing expert to know how that strategy worked out for them.By 1913, about one in three Americans had received a free Coke and Coca-Cola had given away 8.5 million free drinks. Now that may seem like a huge hit to the business, but Coca-Cola was positioned to take it and prepared to scale…

iPad POS | sxsw panel

SXSW Panel Picker: How Offline Businesses Can Take on Amazon

Not that long ago, Amazon began to change the face of retail. Once just an online book store a mere 21 years ago, there’s no question that Amazon has become an e-commerce powerhouse, dramatically reshaping the way consumers across the globe do business. Clearly there have been plenty of benefits to bargain and convenience hungry shopper, but the shift hasn’t been entirely positive. In the company’s wake are a number of casualties—Borders, Tower Records, and...

iPad POS | Revel POS 101: Let’s Talk About Loyalty; Let’s Talk About You and Me

Revel POS 101: Let’s Talk About Loyalty; Let’s Talk About You and Me

There’s no doubt that a brand’s loyalty program can create a thriving and connected customer base. Whether it’s through punch cards or bonus items, rewards programs encourage returning business and demonstrate appreciation to valuable guests. Revel’s newest software update aims to further support merchant’s various loyalty and rewards programs. While loyalty programs may seem like a simple strategy to implement into a business, rewards can be as unique as the type of business. To provide...

iPad POS | Profiting from Pokémon Go

How Small Businesses Are Profiting from Pokémon Go [Infographic]

We already wrote about how Pokémon Go conquered the world in just a matter of a few days, breezing right past Twitter’s daily users. Given that the game leverages augmented reality in a way few ever have, its popularity created a unique opportunity for businesses to go after new customers. And go after them, they have. We looked at Revel Systems customers in three key metros—San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City—to understand exactly how...

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How to Hire a Stellar Staff for Your Small Business

Amazing hires are rare. To get even one or two employees that you know you can count on—who really go above and beyond on a daily basis and genuinely care about the business—is considered lucky to many small business owners. Was it just pure luck that you found a few employees with a strong work ethic or were your other hires the result of glossing over the details? During peak seasons in particular, it’s easy...

iPad POS | Tourist Season

Maximizing Revenue During Tourist Season

Paris—the City of Light, the City of Love, and long claimant as one of the most visited cities in the world. In fact, last year alone, Paris was expected to attract more than 16 million foreign tourists. That’s more than seven times its population. It would be hard to ask for a better city to run a business in, given such a large population and constant influx of tourists anxious to visit the city’s iconic...


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