Revel POS 101: Get Online with Our Newly Redesigned Online Ordering

In today’s increasingly connected world, shoppers can easily make purchases daily without ever having to leave the house. Whether through their desktop computer or smartphone, customers find online ordering simple, quick, and convenient. While the technology surrounding online ordering has become more accessible over time, creating and developing it has not. However, with Revel’s integrated online ordering platform, taking that first leap into the world of ecommerce is simple, easy and painless. Revel’s online ordering…

iPad POS | catering

5 Ways Catering Improves Restaurant Revenue

Seasonal changes can affect traffic even at the best restaurants, particularly during transitions when families get back into routines, such as fall and spring. But even if foot traffic has taken a noticeable downturn, there are opportunities for restaurants to keep revenue flowing with catering opportunities. In fact, restaurants, QSRs, and grocery stores drew $19.5 billion in 2013 in catering revenue (the most recent data available). The closest competition came from independent catering companies, which brought...

iPad POS | Competitive Business

The Essentials of Running A Competitive Business

Recently, we held our annual users conference, Revelry, where hundreds of business owners and partners in Revel Systems’ network gathered for two days of education, workshops, and of course a good helping of fun. We love hosting this conference as it gives us an opportunity to dive deeper into topics that are important to entrepreneurs beyond utilizing a POS platform. This year, we organized a group of Revel customers for a panel called Customer Council:...

iPad POS | Revel POS 101: FIFO vs. LIFO, Costing Method Without the Madness

Revel POS 101: FIFO vs. LIFO, Costing Method Without the Madness

Whether you’re running a small business or a multi-location franchise, maintaining an organized inventory helps to keep operations running smoothly. It’s all about making sure your products are in the right place at the right time. In the 2.19 release, Revel has introduced support for First In, First Out (FIFO) and Last In, First Out (LIFO) costing methods as an addition to your inventory toolkit. These costing methods provide users two unique methods of managing...

iPad POS | management tips

3 Management Tips For Seasoned Managers

One of the biggest deciding factors of employee satisfaction, not to mention a business’ success, is quality management. Unfortunately, that means very different things to different people. While many managers focus on the key performance indicators (KPIs) they’re held to as a measurement of success, employees can get overlooked as vital to an organization’s success. To most employees, good communication and the ability to motivate are imperative skills for managers to have, but they’re not always the...

iPad POS | Menu Fresh

Revel POS 101: Keep Your Menu Fresh with Fall Favorites

As summer winds to a close, it’s a good time to assess how your menu will change to keep up with the season. Summer produce is fading from the local farmers markets as fall favorites begin to take over. Seasonal changes keep things exciting, and the colder months bring a slew of comfort foods to menus everywhere. For any food establishment relying on fresh ingredients, this can mean a pretty hefty overhaul to keep the menu...


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