Ribs on the grill

Freddy’s BBQ

5 Reasons Why Freddy’s BBQ Should Use Revel POS Spoiler alert:  for those of you who have not yet finished season two of the Netflix… Continue Reading

Bitcoin as the new gold standard

Bitcoin vs Gold

Could Bitcoin Be the New Gold Standard? Bitcoin was the breakout star of 2013. Trading around $13 at the start of 2013, it climbed slowly… Continue Reading

IFA Convention Logo

IFA Convention

IFA Annual Franchise Convention Join us this Saturday, February 22nd through the 25th for the IFA Convention, hosted by the International Franchise Association in New… Continue Reading

Meet a Reveler: Tawni

Meet a Reveler: Tawni

What is your name and position at Revel? Tawni Cravillion, Account Manager My favorite snack from our kitchen is… Pringles!!! I like my eggs… Scrambled with cheese…please The… Continue Reading