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Table Service

Integrated Services

Setting Up a Kiosk

Revel’s Kiosk helps minimize communication errors and maximizes the value of your workforce all while increasing the lifetime value of your customers. In this video, we’ll walk you through some key settings to get your Kiosk up and running.

Employees Wizard

The employee wizard helps you get this done quickly and seamlessly. Let’s walk through it together.

Integrated Services

Creating a Custom Menu for a Kiosk

When using a Revel kiosk, you’ll need to create a custom menu to determine which items you’d like displayed for purchase on your Kiosk.

Point of Sale Processes

Orders on the POS

Getting to know the different features of your point of sale will help you optimize the efficiency and flow of your business. In this video, we’ll walk you through different sections of the POSs. You will be able to see which buttons easily improve the speed of your transactions.

Integrated Services

Online Ordering Settings

Revel’s Online Ordering is a convenient and powerful tool to boost your sales. Keep in mind, Online Ordering is an add on feature and will need to be activated in the Management Console by a Revel agent post purchase.

Integrated Services

Creating A Custom Menu for Online Ordering

When using Revel’s Online Ordering feature, a custom menu must be created in order to show items available for online ordering. With custom menus, you can determine what and when items will be offered on your online menu.

Product List Setup

Setting Up Products to Specific Printers

With Revel you can assign products to print to specific printers. This gives you the flexibility to send items to print to a desired kitchen, bar, or cooking station.

Integrated Services

Using Delivery Management on the POS

Let’s talk through delivery management on the Point of Sale. We’ll start with a new order. If you’ve enabled “prompt for order option” in the setting, you’ll see that prompt and will need select the correct order option. If you don’t have this enabled you’ll to manually update the dining option, by tapping on the order number. Learn more by watching the video.

Integrated Services

Setting Up House Accounts

A House Account is a line of credit that you can extend to your customers, where they can take now and pay later. In essence, a house account acts as a long term tab. But before you can use them, they must be enabled in the Management Console. Let’s walk through enabling House Accounts.