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iPad POS | Girls Raising

Girls Raising

Innovator Series:  Founders & Panelists at Girls Raising For this edition of our Innovator Series, we attended Girls Raising at the Hattery in San Francisco, for which Revel CEO Lisa Falzone took part in a panel. As part of her dedication to helping young entrepreneurs succeed, Lisa mentors high school students and is a regular contributor to Women 2.0. She regularly talks to founders about their startups and often speaks on the issue of women...

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iPad POS | 2014 Tech Resolutions

Top 4 Tech Resolutions for 2014

2013 is drawing to a close, leading many to reflect on the year and contemplate the changes they would like to make. While for some this may include resolutions such as a healthier diet or more frequent trips to the gym, there are also tech resolutions to consider. What changes or resolutions in your use of technology are you contemplating? Here is a list of possible tech resolutions: Increase productivity:  For some procrastinators, the simple...

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iPad POS | Bar Rescue featured image

Revel as Seen on Bar Rescue

Revel Systems recently made a guest appearance on Spike TV’s Bar Rescue. “Drunk & Dirty Dolls” aired November 3rd, 2013, and can be seen here. The episode features Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer as he seeks to get a Vegas motorsport bar back on track. Jon worked his usual magic, and with the help of the Revel POS was able to get this bar successfully up and running. Check out the gallery below to view stills...

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iPad POS | cupcakes and technology

Sweet Technology:  High Tech & Cupcakes at Cako Bakery

In a story recently covered by KRON 4 News, Cako Bakery of San Francisco, CA is using innovative new ways to share the joy of cupcakes. Cako has developed a way of knowing their customers as soon as they walk in the door, and have created a personalized buying experience. By tracking customer buying habits—much like Amazon–Cako is able to tailor their offerings to the individual customer. Cako’s mobile app, developed by Index and integrated...

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iPad POS | portable cash register featured image

The Importance of a Portable Cash Register

Cash registers can be a big impediment for shop owners. Initially they might not seem that way, but when you consider how static and slow they can make your customers’ buying experience, you’ll have to agree that the cash register is a pretty archaic piece of equipment. Think about it:  The cash register is anchored to an arbitrary spot in your store or restaurant and every time a customer wants to buy something, they have...

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iPad POS | mobile device management graphic

Top 3 Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Using an iPad point of sale is a great way to maximize business efficiency and profitability while keeping your costs low. One downside to an iPad POS, however, is the overall attractiveness and desirability of iPads, and these devices can often serve as an easy target for thieves. A stolen iPad is bad enough in itself–this is your business’s point of sale system, and chief piece of hardware, and replacing them (easy enough as it...

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How Retailers Are Challenging Amazon

5x more people will develop brand loyalty when they shop in person rather than online.

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iPad POS | top 10 things your iPad can do

Top 10 Things Your iPad Can Do

The new iPads are incredibly popular today, and for good reason. There are plenty of utilities to use and play with on the iPad, but some rank higher with some more than others. Which ones do I think have the most potential right now? Here is my list: 1. iPad POS When running a business, the iPad POS system will make your job at least a hundred times easier. Using the iPad POS system, the...

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iPad POS | a pizza brought to you by revel pos for pizza restaurants

Revel POS for Pizza Restaurants: Easy as Pie

The Revel POS system is already becoming the most widely used iPad POS for quick service, table service, and retail environments. With several new features recently added, Revel is easily the perfect POS solution for pizza restaurants as well. The new Revel delivery management system makes it easy as pie for owners to keep track of deliveries. From the time an order is received, and until it reaches the customer, the order is tracked and recorded. When...

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iPad POS | try before you buy revel systems apps

Try Before You Buy: Two Great Ways to Experience Revel, Risk-free

It was announced last month that Revel Systems is expanding its presence in the iTunes App store. Downloading one of the Revel apps—whether it’s the Kiosk System, Retail, or Quick Service POS—is an excellent way to try Revel before you buy. These apps are fortified with Revel 2.0, which includes various updates to Revel’s software and overall security. New features are included as well, allowing users to fully explore the Revel POS. Try out these...

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