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iPad POS | Revelry

Top 5 Reasons You Need To Attend Revelry 2017

Revel Systems annual event, Revelry 2017, is quickly approaching. Revelry is a two-day conference where merchants, industry thought leaders, and technology experts gather from around the world to discuss the brick-and-mortar industry, identify technology trends, and share business management solutions. Have you ever wondered what other merchants are doing that is driving their success? Or do you simply want an introduction into the technology advancements that are empowering businesses of any size to compete with...

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iPad POS | restaurant showdown

Revel’s Restaurant Showdown: Enter To Win $10,000 + POS

Revel is kicking off its first-ever Restaurant Showdown. Turning lemons into lemonade stands, we are calling all restaurant entrepreneurs for a chance to win $10,000 and a Revel POS Platform. So, you want to be Revel’s Next Top Restaurateur? It takes passion, determination, creativity, and importantly, a business plan. Pitch us your plan and have the opportunity to bring your dream restaurant to life! Here is what you need to know: What? Submit your restaurant...

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iPad POS | 3 Ways Self-Service Kiosks Deliver ROI

3 Ways Self-Service Kiosks Deliver ROI

The way businesses interact with their customers has seen a dramatic shift in the last 10 years. Companies with the most winning strategies are making the effort to adopt new technologies that enhance the customer experience in meaningful ways. Tablets have certainly opened the door for businesses to provide a unique customer experience, but not all of them have been all that worthfwhile. Meaningful isn’t just putting a tablet on the table for kids to...

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iPad POS | loyalty program

5 Simple Ways To Get More Customers To Join Your Loyalty Program

The current state of customer engagement is complex. The customer journey used to last from the moment a customer entered a store until the moment they made a purchase. But the customer experience is now offline and online, one that sees multiple touch points, creating a much more detailed and complicated customer roadmap. To keep up with the complex customer journey, merchants have turned to loyalty programs and rewards to keep their customers coming back...

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iPad POS | holidays

How To Prep Your Retail Store For The Holidays

To help retailers prepare for the 2017 holiday season, we have outlined key ingredients for a successful holiday season. And the holidays are starting earlier this year, according to NRF, more than half of holiday shoppers start to research and plan their gifts in October or earlier. So start planning now! As a retailer, this is undoubtedly your busiest time of the year, so keeping your game on point can have some real rewards. Failing...

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iPad POS | kiosk

6 Ways To Market Your Kiosk

According to a recent survey, 85% of Americans and 91% of Millennials have used a self-service kiosk. And with consumers becoming increasingly more comfortable using self-service technology, businesses are quickly adopting kiosks. With the addition of any new technology, there may be some hesitance or confusion. To ease the transition for your risk-averse customers, it is important to not just outline the value proposition of kiosks but show them how to use it. To truly...

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How Retailers Are Challenging Amazon

5x more people will develop brand loyalty when they shop in person rather than online.

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iPad POS | contactless

Should Your Business Accept Contactless Payments?

Contactless payments have evolved over the years and consumers are starting to leverage this technology for everyday transactions. As this trend gains momentum, and shoppers are leaving their wallets at home and paying exclusively on their phone – you may be wondering what the current state of contactless payments is, and whether your business should take contactless payments. Let’s dive in. What are contactless payments? Contactless payments integrate NFC (near field communication) technology into chip-enabled...

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iPad POS | Payments Processing

Payment Processing Terminology 101

Credit card processing can be one of the most complex and confusing parts of running a business. And whether you are opening your first business, or looking for a new payment processor, the integrity of your business depends on how efficiently, and securely you can process consumers’ transactions. When getting started it is helpful to look at the terminology that will be guiding your decision-making. The first step is to identify what a payment processor...

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iPad POS | Hurricane

How Your Business Can Help Hurricane Harvey and Irma Victims

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have caused massive devastation. Those who have been effected in Texas and the Caribbean have had their lives turned upside down. The government has called for a state of emergency in Puerto Rico Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, as Hurricane Irma, a category 5, is expected to hit landfall this week. The restoration will take years, and it will be incredibly costly to individuals, businesses, and the government. While the...

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iPad POS | McDonalds

How McDonalds Turned Around Sales With Digital Kiosks

2014 and 2015 were rocky years for McDonalds; sales plummeted. Revenue fell by 2.2% and net income was down 15%, and the fast food giant was losing its grip on an industry it has long dominated. Ushering in a new CEO, Steve Easterbrook, McDonalds sought to both refresh its brand and revamp its stores and offerings to compete with the growing popularity of fast-casual restaurants. How popular? It’s estimated that the fast-casual restaurant category has...

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iPad POS | merchant service provider

How To Choose The Right Merchant Service Provider

Just like choosing a POS, choosing the right merchant service provider (MSP) is integral to the success of your business. Navigating this space can feel overwhelming, and if you’re just getting started you may not know where to start in finding a quality provider. Here is what you need to know to find the right MSP for your business: What is a merchant service provider (MSP)? A merchant services provider (MSP) is an umbrella term...

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iPad POS | A Beginner’s Guide To The Power Of Video Content

A Beginner’s Guide To The Power Of Video Content

You may have realized all too well that a picture speaks a thousand words when it comes to selling your product online. But did you know that video is proven to be even more powerful? Video content engages, delights and connects in ways the written word and images can’t. There’s no reason why video shouldn’t be a part of your visual marketing mix! Food for thought: 73% of adults are more likely to buy products...

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