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iPad POS | Como

Como and Revel Systems Partner To Deliver A Customer Engagement Solution

Revel Systems extended its suite of CRM tools by announcing its partnership with Como, a leading customer engagement solution provider. In an era where more and more customers want to interact with their favorite brands both online and offline, a single touch customer engagement strategy won’t cut it. The Como toolset  is integrated with the Revel POS, allowing direct interaction with customers and personalized attention, based on real-time data and analytics. With mobile order ahead on the...

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iPad POS | secure

Why The iPad Is The Most Secure POS

iOS is celebrating its ten year anniversary this year – and tech enthusiasts around the world have been commemorating Apple’s achievement in changing personal and business computing. But what has arguably been the most impressive feat is the Apple iOS security. In the ten years of its existence, there has been no serious malware. Further, studies have found that a far higher percentage of mobile malware targets Android than iOS, the software than runs Apple’s devices....

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iPad POS | restaurant holiday season

5 Tips To Prep Your Restaurant For A Prosperous Holiday Season

Prepping for the Holiday Season The holiday season means something very different for restaurants than it does for retail stores. While retail stores see a rush of holiday crazed shoppers, restaurants often experience a decline in the winter months. With colder temperatures and tighter budgets, consumers feel less compelled to eat out. But it’s not all doomsday for restaurants. In fact, it is easier now more than ever to combat seasonal changes and thrive during...

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iPad POS | Project Y: An Educational Social Enterprise Driving Change

Project Y: An Educational Social Enterprise Driving Change

Project Y Unassuming at first glance, Project Y is a frozen yogurt shop located in Cambodia, situated next to the popular Siem Reap Night Market. The shop has 16 flavors, many of which include your classic tastes and a few stand outs for the more adventurous, like Burnt Caramel and Blood Orange. Open in the evening, seven days a week, Project Y becomes the must-have for passer byers hankering for a sweet treat. . Yet,...

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iPad POS | pizzeria

How Your Pizzeria Can Stay Competitive [Interview]

Interview: Competitive Pizzerias We sat down with Revel’s resident pizza expert, Vinh Trinh, a Senior Sales Executive at Revel, who has countless pizzeria clients and conversed with many more on the topic of quick service and table service technology. His adoration for pizza, both in work and in life, has helped empower numerous pizzerias, and he’s here to share his insight into the marriage of technology and pizza. What are issues, specific to pizzerias, that...

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iPad POS | tea talk

Tea Talk: The Dreams of My Mother

“Ever since I was two years old, I enjoyed drinking tea. It’s the last of the family traditions to stay with me—to have tea after every meal.” There’s a pause. “My mom always wanted to have her own tea shop, but she lived in China and opening a business back then was not really like it is now. The whole idea is still really new.” There’s a subtle cheeriness in Jenna McCarthy’s voice when she...

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How Retailers Are Challenging Amazon

5x more people will develop brand loyalty when they shop in person rather than online.

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iPad POS | St. Patrick's Day

Prep Your Bar For St. Patrick’s Day

People have been ‘wearing the green’ celebrating St. Patrick’s Day for over two-hundred years, and it’s no surprise that in 2017 spending for the holiday is expected to reach $5.3 billion. St. Patty’s Day is one of the most globally celebrated holidays all year. It’s a great time for businesses to boost sales during a time that is typically pretty slow for retailers and restaurants. January through April are often sleepy with consumers tightening purse...

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iPad POS | digital coupon

Anatomy Of An Effective Digital Coupon

One of the biggest giants in the beverage industry, Coca-Cola, birthed the idea of the coupon. The consequence? Coke gave away an estimated 8.5 million free drinks and completely changed the way businesses market. In what was a last ditch effort to sell drinks, ended up turning a struggling soda company into a hugely successful global enterprise. The significance of today’s coupon era can clearly be accredited to this rags to riches story. But much...

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iPad POS | restaurant technologies

5 Restaurant Technologies Driving Customer Happiness

A Closer Look at Restaurant Technologies If you are in the service industry, you know that customer happiness is a key indicator of how your restaurant is performing and a key point of competitor differentiation. “Service with a smile,” while important, is just the tip of the iceberg in achieving customer happiness. Drive customer happiness and dish out top notch service with these five restaurant technologies: Digital Loyalty Programs For example, the classic loyalty stamp...

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iPad POS | Pitchoun Bakery: Keeping Three Generations of Bakers Alive

Pitchoun Bakery: Keeping Three Generations of Bakers Alive

Have you ever felt you need to keep family tradition alive? Frédéric Soulies, owner of Pitchoun Bakery, comes from three generations of bakers, and it’s in his blood to bake. The entire concept behind his business is around memories with his grandparents. Soulies’ grandparents would always call him “Pitchoun,” which means “kiddo” in the south French dialect. And that’s where the name behind Pitchoun Bakery came from. It’s been a long journey for Soulies, from...

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iPad POS | millennial shopper

Who Is The Millennial Shopper? [Research Roundup]

An ever-changing tech landscape has conditioned the millennial shopper to embrace high-tech. New technologies affect shopping behaviors and evolving shopping behaviors affect technology—it’s a revolving door. This creates a complex, forward-thinking shopper. Researchers have long touted the importance of catering to millennials. Before going on a hashtag frenzy though, it’s time we learn and understand their shopping patterns. Who is the millennial shopper and what does this mean for business? Millennials, defined as those 18-34...

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iPad POS | restaurant

Checklist for Opening Your First Restaurant

Restaurants typically open out of an owner or chef’s passion for food, drink, and hospitality. However, restaurants only remain open as a result of strong business acumen and planning. A common statistic from a Cornell University study is that 60% of restaurants fail in their first year, and 80% close down in five years, so here’s a checklist of items to consider in order to open your restaurant doors and keep them from closing: Concept...

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