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iPad POS | Delivery management solution

Spotlight: New Delivery Management Solution

The Evolution of Delivery Management Delivery isn’t new to the restaurant space. While the first adopters of the concept didn’t exactly have a sophisticated delivery management solution in place, the act of transporting ready-to-eat meals to others has been around for centuries. In fact, at its core food delivery can be traced back to ancient Rome, albeit in a very rudimentary form. The concept as we know it in western culture today gained popularity after...

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iPad POS | Personalization

Proof is in the Personalization: Stats Roundup

Customers are upending the definition of customer service. Now, customers demand an end-to-end customer engagement solution. From the moment they walk into a store to the purchase, and now the new focus, the post-purchase.  The customer journey has evolved, so don’t treat your customers like a number. From restaurants to retail businesses – businesses are looking for new inventive ways to provide an exemplary customer experience. One such way is by providing personalized marketing and...

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iPad POS | Edwin Mills

Edwin Mills by Equator: The 3 Pillars of Success

Teddy Bedjakian opened Equator, a coffee house nestled in Old Town Pasadena. But Equator soon found itself stuck between a Starbucks and a Coffee Bean, feeling the heat, Teddy knew it was time to reinvent the brand. Thus, Edwin Mills by Equator was born and rebranded into a restaurant and bar. Tackling a whole new type of business, Teddy remarked, “you have to be the people’s people.” He adds, “You have to be able to...

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iPad POS | offering online ordering

4 Key Benefits of Offering Online Ordering

The digital era has completely changed the brick-and-mortar landscape, and because of the growing eCommerce industry, brick-and-mortars are asking the question – how do we survive? Staying abreast of customer trends and buying patterns is critical for survival. Importantly, over the last decade the point of purchase has evolved. This means customers aren’t just buying in-store, they are buying on their phone, at their computer, or on their tablet. By offering online ordering you are...

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iPad POS | 2.31

What You Should Know About The Updated Look And Feel of Your Revel POS

In our latest feature release, 2.31, we have updated the look and feel of your Revel POS. Working closely with Apple to update, the new UI provides you with the best-in-class interface to reduce friction, enhance the user’s experience, and align our platform more closely to the familiarity of Apple’s core form and functionality. We’ve made big updates to the look, but don’t worry, all of the tools you regularly use are still available, in...

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iPad POS | inventory management statistics

Inventory Management Statistics & Equations For Business Owners

What is inventory management? Inventory management is the practice of overseeing and controlling of the ordering, storage and use of components that a company uses in the production of the items it sells, defined by Investopedia. Current Inventory Management Statistics  46% of SMBs either don’t track inventory or use a manual method (Source: Wasp Barcode) U.S. retailers are currently sitting on about $1.43 in inventory for every $1 of sales they make. (Source: SCDigest) Administrative, paperwork,...

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How Retailers Are Challenging Amazon

5x more people will develop brand loyalty when they shop in person rather than online.

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iPad POS | mmmpanadas

mmmPanadas: Their Road To Success

From 9 to 5 To Empanada Artisan There’s no denying the food truck phenomenon has taken off. From music festivals to curbside at your neighborhood, hungry patrons don’t have to go far to eat at a food truck. However in 2008, before the widespread popularity of food trucks and before it became a proven business model, Cody quit his 9 to 5 desk job to open an empanada food truck in Austin with Kristen.  Cody...

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iPad POS | instaworthy

How Worthwhile It Is for Your Business to Be “Instaworthy”

Quest for Instaworthy content Instagram, the mobile home of aspirational lifestyle content, is essentially free advertising for any business type. It’s a platform where aesthetic is king and where users hashtag away in the hopes of virality and fame. Instagram, a member of the Facebook family, has been a game changer in media, advertising and the way we consume culture. Though it’s a virtual platform, Instagram’s impact is beginning to carry over into reality. How...

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iPad POS | Como

Como and Revel Systems Partner To Deliver A Customer Engagement Solution

Revel Systems extended its suite of CRM tools by announcing its partnership with Como, a leading customer engagement solution provider. In an era where more and more customers want to interact with their favorite brands both online and offline, a single touch customer engagement strategy won’t cut it. The Como toolset  is integrated with the Revel POS, allowing direct interaction with customers and personalized attention, based on real-time data and analytics. With mobile order ahead on the...

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iPad POS | secure

Why The iPad Is The Most Secure POS

iOS is celebrating its ten year anniversary this year – and tech enthusiasts around the world have been commemorating Apple’s achievement in changing personal and business computing. But what has arguably been the most impressive feat is the Apple iOS security. In the ten years of its existence, there has been no serious malware. Further, studies have found that a far higher percentage of mobile malware targets Android than iOS, the software than runs Apple’s devices....

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iPad POS | restaurant holiday season

5 Tips To Prep Your Restaurant For A Prosperous Holiday Season

Prepping for the Holiday Season The holiday season means something very different for restaurants than it does for retail stores. While retail stores see a rush of holiday crazed shoppers, restaurants often experience a decline in the winter months. With colder temperatures and tighter budgets, consumers feel less compelled to eat out. But it’s not all doomsday for restaurants. In fact, it is easier now more than ever to combat seasonal changes and thrive during...

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iPad POS | Project Y: An Educational Social Enterprise Driving Change

Project Y: An Educational Social Enterprise Driving Change

Project Y Unassuming at first glance, Project Y is a frozen yogurt shop located in Cambodia, situated next to the popular Siem Reap Night Market. The shop has 16 flavors, many of which include your classic tastes and a few stand outs for the more adventurous, like Burnt Caramel and Blood Orange. Open in the evening, seven days a week, Project Y becomes the must-have for passer byers hankering for a sweet treat. . Yet,...

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