Three Steps to Your Inventory Ordering Breakthrough

Managing a business is a full-time job—and then some, and then some, and THEN some! We know there are many challenges competing for your time and attention, including staffing, menu curation, customer experience, marketing, inventory ordering and more. Inventory management—ordering, counting, auditing, reordering, and returning—can quickly turn into a merciless endeavor, especially if you don’t have a streamlined system in place. Fortunately, Revel’s point of sale (POS) solution can turn your inventory nightmare into an...

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Supercharge Your Order Flow with Just One Step

Gluten free. Vegan. No sugar. No dairy.   Customers’ orders are increasingly unique, and they expect restaurants to deliver on their dietary specifications. Fulfilling custom orders is essential to good service and happy customers.   But how do you keep orders flowing quickly when it takes several minutes to add a speciality order on the point of sale (POS) and you have a line out the door?   Thankfully, there’s an easy solution—Color Codes.  ...

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4 Pizza-Specific Updates You’ll Love as Much as We Do!

The Revel cloud-based POS has helped hundreds of pizzeria owners successfully run their business and improve operational efficiency.  We’ve used that experience to inform our product development and design capabilities that make it even easier to run a successful pizzeria. Check out some of our favorite updates from Version 2.48 designed to make your pizza business run smoother! Price Configuration for Split Modifiers— You can now set split modifiers to divide the price of the...

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Revel Version 2.48: It’s Pretty Great

With the release of Revel Version 2.48 slated for the end of Q1, we wanted to take the time to let Revelers know what exactly they can look forward to with our latest version. We’ve added new features to our Kitchen Display System (KDS), revamped our online ordering feature, and made a lot of useful tweaks and improvements to the Management Console.   Kitchen Display Enhancements The updates to our KDS allow you to further...

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Como Sense & Revel POS Integrate for Better Target Marketing

In today’s competitive restaurant and retail landscape, spray and pray just won’t cut it. Modern consumers are looking for a personalized experience, and that means integrating a sophisticated customer engagement and marketing suite like Como Sense with your Revel point of sale system. According to an Infosys study, 59% of consumers reported that personalization significantly influenced what they purchased. Meanwhile, Econsultancy found that 93% of companies saw an uptick in conversion rates due to personalized...

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Meet the New Revel Assistant

The Revel Assistant has been making waves! Whether you’re firing up your system for the first time, need a quick refresher on a feature, or want to train multiple employees at once, The Revel Assistant is your step-by-step solution for all things Management Console. A member of the Revel Customer Success team was lucky enough to sit down with The Revel Assistant to learn more about what makes it tick. [Customer Success]: Revel Assistant, thanks...

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How Retailers Are Challenging Amazon

5x more people will develop brand loyalty when they shop in person rather than online.

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Last-Minute Tips to Make the Most Out of the Holidays for Your Business

Well, fall sure flew by, didn’t it? With Black Friday and Cyber Monday come and gone, the holidays are officially upon us. While the U.S. Small Business Administration recommends getting started on a holiday business plan as early as June or July (!), if December snuck up on you, don’t fret. Below, we’ve laid out some last-minute tips to make sure your business isn’t left out in the cold this year. Spruce up your space...

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Four Tips to Achieving a Successful Black Friday

Black Friday is quickly approaching, bringing one of the busiest shopping days of the year. The National Retail Foundation (NRF) reported that last year 174 million Americans shopped in stores and online between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday. That number is expected to increase to 180 million in 2018. Retailers are not the only ones who can capitalize on this consumer holiday;  restaurants are getting in on the action, too. Everywhere, restaurants are offering special deals...

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PSL: Pumpkin Sales Lift?

The leaves are starting to turn and football season is well underway which can only mean one thing:  #PSL season is upon. PSL, an acronym for those in the know for Pumpkin Spice Latte has become synonymous with fall. If the one million (and counting!) Instagram posts tagged with #PSL haven’t convinced you of the power of pumpkin, perhaps these data points will convince you to give this seasonal flavor a chance in your restaurant....

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5 Coffee Shop Technologies Helping to Brew Up Business

When potential customers are looking for a place to get a great cup of coffee, they have an endless number of options to choose from. The right POS features can help coffee shop stand out from the crowd and keep customers coming back. Below are five cafe POS features to prioritize as you look to grow. 5 Must-Have Coffee Shop POS Features Customer Facing Display Equip your POS terminals with customer facing screens, or a...

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3 Tech Trends Fueling Growth for Multi-Location Restaurants

Multi-Location restaurant operators face a unique set of challenges. In addition to the operational challenges single location operators deal with, multi-location operators should also focus on staying ahead of technology trends to grow business across every location. While trends come and go, let’s take a look at the those that don’t show any signs of slowing down. Here are three that have been fueling growth for multi-location restaurants all 2018. 1. Mobile App A branded...

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Top 3 POS Features Pizzerias Can’t Live Without

In honor of National Pizza Month, we chatted with a few pizzerias that run on Revel to learn and share which Revel POS Features are the most beneficial to growing their pizza business. With astounding results, we’re thrilled to share the top three features pizzerias can’t live without! Kitchen Display System Revel’s Kitchen Display System (KDS) allows you to display your kitchen orders on an iPad screen or larger display, rather than relying on the...

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