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The Predictive Scheduling & Fair Workweek Compliance Landscape for Restaurants 

Labor compliance, predictive scheduling, and Fair Workweek are terms on the mind of every restaurateur in America—and for good reason. As strict labor legislation continues to pass in more states and cities around the US, the threat of compliance fees and legal suits grows for restaurants.  The cost of non-compliance  By 2020, restaurants in the US will pay an estimated $30M+ in compliance fees, and regions with the laws enacted are already making legal moves. ...

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Product Spotlight: A Closer Look at CDS XT

Revel’s team is proud to introduce CDS XT, the newest generation of our customer display system. Available in version 2.55 of Revel’s point of sale (POS) app, CDS XT is a best-in-class, customer-facing display screen that simultaneously improves order accuracy and customer experience. Better still, this offering is a great tool for brand management, enabling merchants and operators to promote specials and other content directly to customers.   Amplify Your Brand with the Branding Tool Offer...

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Advice from Revel’s Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer on Keeping It Simple

The following Q&A offers executive insights from Revel System’s Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer on incorporating a simplified, people-centric focus into a future-focused strategy.  In 15 short months, Chris Lybeer, chief strategy & marketing officer at Revel Systems, has played an integral role in shaping the company’s current and future success strategies. The basis of those strategies is straightforward: keep things simple.  That mantra comes from a 25 year career spanning the retail technology industry....

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First Look: Revel’s 2.55 App Release

Features, and Functions, and Updates—Oh My! Finally, the moment Revel clients have all been waiting for: Revel’s 2.55 app release this October! As with other Revel releases, there is much to love about the new features and functions of version 2.55. Here’s a closer look at a few of our favorites:  Stocktake Revel Systems is proud to introduce the new stocktake application. Stocktake is a completely redesigned inventory experience, replacing the previous physical inventory application....

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A Look Back at Revelry 2019 

Putting People in Point of Sale Revel Systems provides world-class, cloud-based point of sale solutions, but what sets us apart is our people who deliver and support that technology. People are also what makes our annual Revelry conference such a special event. Through the conference, we have the opportunity to interact with our customers on a large scale and have meaningful discussions about how we can we deliver even more value for them. This year...

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“Don’t Boil the Ocean”—and Other Business Advice from Revel’s Chief Customer Officer

The following Q&A offers executive insights from Revel Systems Chief Customer Officer on operating a customer-centric business.  Leslie Leaf has won numerous business awards, broken glass ceilings, exceeded business goals, and proven herself over and over in her career. But her real talent is with people. As Revel’s Chief Customer Officer, Leslie has put in her 10,000 (and then some) hours in business management. She’s the global leader of Revel’s Customer Success organization. Throughout her...

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How Retailers Are Challenging Amazon

5x more people will develop brand loyalty when they shop in person rather than online.

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How KDS Can Improve Your KPIs

Restaurant operators know back-of-house processes are critical to speed of service, and ultimately, customer satisfaction. How to go about those processes varies from establishment to establishment, ranging from yelling orders aloud as they come in, to paper ticketing systems, to higher-tech kitchen display systems (KDS). As with any restaurant tech, operators have to consider when the benefit of new technology justifies the cost to implement it. For the rapidly growing superfood café Frutta Bowls, investing in...

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Point of Sale

So, by this point, you’ve chosen your restaurant concept. You’ve built your menu, begun hiring your staff and selected the perfect location (perhaps not in that particular order). Now, it’s time to pick the point of sale (POS) solution that will be the central nervous system helping you run and manage your restaurant or retail business. But, when you’re going through the point of sale selection process, it’s important to look at this purchase from...

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Technology’s Growing Role in the Coffee Industry

Estimated global coffee consumption exceeds 150 million 60 kg bags of beans per year. Worldwide consumption grows at an average of 2.5% annually. Despite a relatively low cost per transaction—consumers pay an average of $2.99 per cup of joe—coffee is big business. As competition grows with consumer expectations for this beloved beverage, coffee industry tech plays a larger role in how providers innovate to keep up with demand.  “Technology and coffee are definitely marrying,” says...

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Tips for Creating a Restaurant Event Space [Guide]

Content in this post was contributed by guest author Luke Miller, marketing associate at Placez.  As a business operator, it’s always a good idea to keep your eyes open for untapped potential and new ways to capitalize on revenue. Hosting events for special occasions is a massive opportunity that you really shouldn’t miss! It’s a resource many restaurants are missing out on—but yours doesn’t have to be one of them. As a restauranteur, you already...

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5 Things that are Killing Your Food Costs [List]

Maximize Your Profits and Mitigate Your Food Costs Food costs are commonly viewed as a restaurant’s worst enemy, but there are simple ways to flip that narrative. The higher your food costs, the lower your profit. Watch for these five pitfalls to make food costs work for you—not against you—and avoid the items killing your food costs: 1. Untracked Food Prices Food prices often change at the blink of an eye. Ensure your profit margins...

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Takeaways from RetailNOW 2019

Our Revel team recently attended RetailNOW 2019. RetailNOW is a conference hosted by RSPA designed to connect players in the point of sale technology sector. The three-day show was packed with high-value industry sessions, nearly 200 exhibitors, community give-back events, and face-to-face networking. We had a great time connecting with partners and leaders in the industry. Here are some of our significant takeaways from the show impacting the broader point of sale space.  A Time of Great...

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